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Quality Window Awnings in Sydney

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Innovative Aluminium & Glass is a well-known producer and installer of aluminium window awnings that can be installed at any home in Sydney. These windows are very discreet and they would suit any home perfectly. These windows are best for people who wish to increase the airflow in their home.

The Awning windows are always hinged at the top of the opening and to open it you need to wind the handle. This will make the window swing outwards. To close the windows, you just need to reverse the process. You can choose to keep these windows halfway open most of the times for comfort and convenience.

These windows look good at every home. Many people opt for installing multiple awning windows in a single space as it enhances the look of that room.

These windows are also great for households that have one or more small kids as kids usually can’t reach these windows. The outward opening feature of these windows ensures that the kids cannot be harmed by edges or corners of the windows inside your home.

Advantages of Window Awnings

Can be Placed Anywhere

The Awning Windows are a great option for all those hard to reach places that didn’t like

Great Ventilation Option

These aluminium awning windows by Innovative AG are also great because they can be installed in a room where there are no windows or windows are obstructed by some furniture like a bed.

Accident Proof

The fixed chain attached to the windows makes sure that the opening of these windows is restricted. No kid or elderly person would accidentally be harmed by it.

Enjoy the Rains

These windows are a great option for you if you like to enjoy light rains by looking them through the partially opened windows and smelling the fresh air without opening your home to rainwater.

Tougher than the Rest

The Awning Windows by Innovative AG are forged by using only the top class aluminium that would last as a part of your home for many years. It will not perish easily and you will get complete value for money for many years.

Experience matters

The Awning Windows are created in a Sydney based manufacturing facility that has been into operations for more than 25 years. The result, only experienced professionals create a window for you.

Exceeding the Expectations

The Awning Windows don’t only meet but they often exceed the Australian Standards testing requirements. The benefit you get is access to windows that look sturdy and will remain sturdy through generations.

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