Glass windows and doors are prone to damage. Often times,you’ll need expert opinion whether to repair or replace your glass windows. Check out this quick list of 5 tips to help replace glass windows:

glass windows installed in a lakeside house

Do not delay replacing a broken window

Cracks make a glass weak. The intensity of impact on the glass depends on the size of the crack. The more significant cracks should be taken care of immediately.

Otherwise, it can jeopardize the safety of the people residing in your home or of your colleagues in the office. It is always a good idea to call for help immediately in case your glass starts to break.


Get the window replaced quickly

We, at Innovative Aluminium & Glass work round the clock to cater to all your glass problems. We promise to serve you within 24 hours and 7 days a week.

In case you have fancy window design we can use a third party to export such material to us, which may take a bit longer than the stipulated time.


Opt for smaller windows to save your costs

Big windows look aesthetically pleasing in your house or office space. It welcomes more light and air into the areas but replacing it can be quite heavy on your pocket.

To save some cost, you can install smaller windows in the existing space. Smaller windows are also logistically easier to handle and transport. Contact our experts at Innovative Aluminium & Glass to know the best options for your windows at affordable prices.


A wrong glass can decrease your house value

Our experts at Innovative Aluminium & Glass often notice some poorly chosen glass structures in people’s homes. This happens due to the lack of knowledge about premium quality glass and its proper installation.

Even while creating smaller windows in place of a bigger one, people can go wrong. Saving a small amount today can have detrimental effects in the future, especially at the time when you’d want to sell your property.

Always gain perspective from a buyer’s point of view before installing any glass in your house. We always suggest our customers to call us first and gain an expert opinion on such matters.


Optimise your power bills

A perfectly installed window will have tightly packed seams that would not allow outside air to come into our spaces or let inside air move out.

This allows your air conditioners or heaters smoothly without putting much pressure on their work and thus saving costs on electricity bills.

Also, a good window helps penetrate natural light into our homes or offices which further reduces our energy bills.

Have any other questions? Don’t hesitate to drop by or call us at 1800 679 661.


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