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Aluminium Jalousie Windows For Sale | Quick Installation in Sydney

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How to Install Aluminium Windows

There are many benefits that come along with aluminium windows. For instance, you don’t have to paint them like in the case of steel windows. They are also durable and offer many years of reliable operation. These windows also offer you the chance to choose from manifold designs and colors.

Aluminium is very common in the window industry and many window manufacturers use this material to make quality windows. The installation process is very crucial for the window’s performance. You have to be extremely attentive and careful during installation.

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To start with, you will have to check if the window has any flaws or deficiencies such as scratches and damages. Before installation, ensure the window is the correct size based on your specifications such as color, size, design, and desire.

Also ensure that you hire experienced personnel for installation such that they are people who know what should be done since minimal details can make big differences on aesthetics and performance. These are crucial aspects to consider for any window.

Hence, save yourself from the stress and costs of fixing and maintaining your window at early stages by understanding how the aluminium window should be installed. This will assist you in following up with the personnel and point out anything you might notice is not being done right.

Upon examining and assessing the window, the personnel can start removing the materials that came with the window during shipping such as stickers and covers. Once done, clean the nailing and the window frame using a clean and dry cloth. Both sides of the window, back and front, should be cleaned.


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If the window has some locks, ensure they are properly secured in place. Use a sealant to seal any gaps that might be on the horizontal mulls. After this, the personnel can start applying adhesive flashes on the corners of the window. Then ensure a sill pan is prepared professionally.

The personnel should have the expertise in preparing the sill efficiently and properly. The sill has to be accurately horizontal or level as it is called by window professionals. The sill should be square and ensure that it’s adjusted as required.

Once the installation process is completed, there are some post installation steps that are extremely important. You will have to ensure that any sealant debris in the hole lacks is removed. These holes should never be sealed. Once this is done, inspect and assess the new windows for any flaws.


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Finally, the materials used have to be removed completely from the work site and burnish the window using a dry clean cloth. If well followed, these steps are easy and they are crucial to any aluminium window installation process.

However, despite the steps being easy, we’re mentioning them to you to assist you to familiarize yourself with all the crucial details. This will assist you to follow up with the personnel to ensure that all they are doing is right and is being done the way it should be done.