You don’t have to spend a lot of your hard-earned money to make your office space inviting and impressive to your visitors and team.

It’s obvious that the surrounding physical environment has a huge impact on one’s mood. For instance, a home that looks messy may have a negative impact on one’s mood.

On the other hand, a beautiful, natural landscape would have a calming effect on just anyone. It’s normal to change locations from time to time to influence mood.

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You can also change the appearance of your business premise from time to time. For instance, you can think about what you can do to make your office look better.

If your current office surrounding isn’t enhancing your team’s productivity, creativity, and productivity, then you should act immediately. As a sensible business person, you would obviously start counting the cost of renovating your office in Sydney.

First, you need to consider whether remodeling your office is worth it. It surely takes some effort to create an inviting and warm space that impresses your clients and inspires the employees.

However, this will depend on your approach towards overhauling your office space. It’s obviously impossible to soup up any office space without spending some money. However, you can do it affordably using these tips:


Tip #1: Add an Air Freshener

While most office owners are obsessed about how everything looks, it’ll help to note that how the space smells matters a lot. You can easily change how the space smells at almost no cost. Research shows that smell has a huge impact on how accurate a person types.

Takasago Corporation in Japan found that 54 percent of typists made fewer typing errors upon smelling lemon while 33 percent made fewer typing errors upon smelling jasmine, with 20 percent making fewer typing errors after smelling lavender. As such, what your workspace needs is a simple air freshener.


Tip #2: Add a quirky or personal accent

A great office space is one that looks clean, attractive, functional, and portrays a good image of your business. Thus, ensure you design it in the best way possible and splash out some quirky touches.

You don’t have to do it expensively. For instance, you can simply add your logo for a start or even mix vintage touches or add an antique, handmade items, or kitschy accessories.

You can even use coffee tables made out of doors and lights made from milk bottles. There’re many affordable yet amazing things you can do rather than buying expensive pieces of art.

Reusing items and converting them into decorative artwork will also enhance your company’s green credentials. You can easily reuse items and end up having cool accents with something you would have thrown away.


Tip #3: Get creative with corporate art

You should never subject your visitors and employees with soul-destroying wallpapers and posters of inspirational phrases and eagles.

There are other better alternatives to make the office space more attractive without breaking the bank.

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Simply search for digital photos over the internet that have a common license. Personalize the photos by adding customized effects, zooming, or cropping. You can even enlarge a good poem, excerpt, or quote and print it.

Matte and frame the photo or poem to make it a unique piece of art. Avoid limiting yourself in size. You can make one or even two large pieces to give your office a new look.


Tip #4: Install a whiteboard

It’s possible to make your office space look even larger and more decorative without overspending. It’s obvious that chalkboards used with spray paints in kids’ rooms and the kitchen look great.

What if you could do the same for your office? You can easily take notes on a chalkboard while still doing something on your phone. You can even install a whiteboard for a more satisfying effect.


Tip #5: Make an affordable office desk

Even the biggest companies that operate on huge budgets can design their offices spaces in an economical way. Even the companies that are worth billions understand that being economical is good in both good and bad times.

Such companies take a solid, large piece of a wooden door without any holes and then attach pillars on it to make legs.

If big companies can be so simple, you can also do it for your home-based office using a large and workable surface.


Tip #6: Is the reception area necessary?

Today, more and more companies are eliminating reception areas in their offices. While you might need a reception area when you’ve many clients throughout the business hours, you might not need one if you don’t get many clients.

You might be worried whether doing away with the reception area might end up making clients feel lost when stepping into your office. However, this might not be the case.

All you need to do is finding a new way of guiding your visitors through your office since they won’t be having a receptionist. You can simply put different colors to lead clients to different office spaces.

As such, a client will find it easier to know where they should go. You can find colorful and affordable floor markers that will brighten and personalize the space.


Tip #7: Keep the space neat

Cleaning up any space costs almost nothing but does a lot in improving the appearance of an office. You’ll be amazed how you can make it look tidy and neat by cleaning it up.

For instance, you can avoid eating at your office desk, thereby keeping crumbs away from the desk and floor. Also, ensure rubbish stays where it should stay. It’s advisable to keep dust bins away from the desk area to avoid making the workstation look untidy.

Remember to keep the power cords neat. If your computer space looks dusty with tangled plugs, wires, cords, and cables, then have it organized.

You can label the cords with plastic tags and wrap them with strips. Then run the wrapped cords behind the desk using clips or eye hooks.


Tip #8: Bring the outdoor nature inside

Taking a glimpse of the nature outside can boost creativity. As such, you can add nature into your office to assist your employees to easily connect with nature and become more creative and productive.

Add a plant that can survive indoors while still looking great. If you wouldn’t want to add a plant in your office, you can still arrange the workspace in such a way that the desk faces outside.

Doing so will enable you to view the green outdoor surroundings while working, thereby become more creative. You can also add natural materials such as unpainted wood at the front area facing your desk.

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Tip #9: Office renovation as an investment

It’s obvious that you expect your office renovation project to cost your company a lot of money. However, it might end up being a profitable investment.

For instance, most business owners waste a lot of space by failing to maximize on every available foot. You might be having extra space that you’re not aware of yet.

Simply ask yourself whether your office is truly full and at the end of the renovation project, you may end up with extra desks and space that you can rent out and make money.


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