While there are several types of doors available today, sliding doors are a great choice for use in areas such as the deck and patio. They’re also great for use in closets and shower areas.

These doors come with glass panels. They’re often heavy and you may not be able to handle them safely by yourself. Thus, it’s advisable to get some assistance to remove them. Here’s how to remove a sliding glass door.


sliding glass doors installed in a seaside home


Tools Required

  • Hammer
  • Reciprocating saw
  • Drill bits
  • Cordless drill
  • Pry bar
  • Utility knife
  • Metal cutting saw blade


Removing Sliding Patio Doors

First, remove the inner door casing. Next, remove the outer brick molding. The brick molding and the door casing are pieces of wood trim that frame the door in place from both sides.

Start with removing the inner case. To do this, remove the caulking sitting between the wall and the casing. You can remove the caulking by cutting it off to protect the drywall from getting damage.

Use a hammer and pry bar to detach the casing. When removing the casing, start from the bottom as you work upward on both sides of the patio door.

The piece at the top should be removed last. Do the same for the outer brick molding. Upon removing the brick molding and casing, you’ll see some nails or screws holding the door securely in place.

Cut the nails or screws with a metal cutting saw blade and a reciprocating saw. Once done, you’ll be able to detach the door.

In some instances, it won’t be necessary to detach the entire door. For instance, the glass may get broken accidentally and you may only have to replace the broken pane or replace the affected door panel.


Removing Sliding Shower Doors

Sliding shower doors are typically made of a framed glass panel. To remove the door, first, walk into the bathtub or shower and stand facing the door.

Generally, sliding glass tub or shower doors overlap over each other when sliding them open. Thus, one door will be inside and the other will stand outside.

Start by grasping the interior door. Next, lift it upward to clear the rollers off the rail at the bottom. Next, pull the door inward.

Once it’s fully cleared off the rail at the bottom, lift it upward and then outward. That way, the top section of the sliding door will be detached from the rail at the top of the door. Do the same for the outer door.

Use a drill bit (Philips head) and a drill to remove both the top and bottom track from the door. It’ll be easier to start by detaching the interior track, followed by the exterior track.


Removing Sliding Closet Doors

Take a drill bit (Philips head) and a drill to detach the guide off the floor. Generally, the guide is positioned in the middle of the sliding doors. First, grasp the outer closet door.

Lift it to remove the door rollers off the top door track. Next, pull out the door. Repeat the same procedure for the inner door. Detach the door tracks off the frame with the help of a drill.


Removing a Stationary Patio Door

A sliding door typically comprises of two door panels. One panel slides open while the other is stationary. Before removing the stationary door, start by removing the sliding panel as explained earlier.

Upon removing the sliding panel, locate the screws that attach the door at the bottom. Use a cordless drill or Philips screwdriver to remove the screws. Some doors may only have one screw while others may have several screws.

Also, remove the top screw. Next, slide the stationary door toward the middle of the door frame. Once done, lift the stationary door to detach it off the track. Then slant it inwards to get it off the frame.


Removing a Sliding Door with a Wooden Stop

Some sliding doors come with a wooden stop. The stop is fitted above the door. It’s held in place with a screw. Use a drill to undo the screw.

The wooden stop will easily come off upon removing the screw. Once done, tilt the panel inward. Then lift it. That way, it’ll get detached from the track and the door frame.


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