Bifold doors comprise of two or more door panels that are hinged together. The panels fold over each other when opening the door.

While not all bifold doors come with slats, some have them. Typically, a wall, window, or door that has slats is known as a louvre. A bifold louvre is either made of metal or wood.

bifold door with slats

The slats that come with a wooden door may break by accident or age. Rather than cutting new door slats or investing in a new bifold door, simply remove the old slats and replace them with fabric.

Wooden doors are more ideal for this project since it’s easier to detach wood slats than cutting metal slats. Follow these steps to replace wood slats with fabric:

Step #1

Take a hammer and use its claws to detach the slats from the door. To do this, position the claws beneath each slat. Next, jerk up the hammer to detach the slat out of place.

Some doors may have slats on two sections. Remove all the slats from the two door sections or a single section as desired.

Step #2

Next, measure the entire area where you’ve detached the slats. The measurements will assist you in determining the amount of cork/foam board to install.

Measure the width and length of the open section. Add ½” to the width and another ½” to the length.

Step #3

Get a cork/foam board and cut it according to the measurements you took in the previous step. You can cut the board with a sharp utility knife. In case the opening measures 10” by 12”, cut the board in 10 ½” by 12 ½”.

Step #4

Next, add 2” to the width and length. Cut the desired fabric material to that dimension. For instance, if the space from which you removed the slats measures 10” by 12”, the fabric should measure 12” by 14”.

Step #5

Take some adhesive and spray it thinly on one specific side of the board, up to the edges and corners.

Step #6

Position the fabric over the sprayed board, with the colored side of the fabric facing upward. Ensure 1” of the fabric is sticking out around the entire perimeter of the board.

Apply pressure over the fabric. Smoothen any wrinkles on the fabric before the adhesive hardens further.

Step #7

Apply the adhesive along one side of the board. Also, apply adhesive along the back edge of the board. Press the excess material over the side that you’ve applied the adhesive.

Repeat this procedure on the remaining sides. That way, all the excess fabric material will cover the edges of the board.

Step #8

Apply a generous amount of carpenter’s glue over the back surface of the bifold door. Also, apply the glue over the edge surface of the door opening. The glue should only cover ¼” at most beyond the edges.

Step #9

Position the board over the opening, with the fabric side facing down. Line the board along the edges that have carpenter’s glue. Apply pressure on the board. Give the glue enough time to dry.


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