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4 09, 2020

Locking Mechanisms for Aluminium Bifold Doors

Aluminium bifold doors are a space-saving solution for pantry areas, closets, and connecting the indoors to the outdoors. They’re a great choice where there’s insufficient clearance space for a swinging or sliding door. Typical aluminium bifold doors comprise of one or several pairs of hinged doors. These doors hardly come with a locking mechanism. Although [...]

4 09, 2020

A Guide on Replacing the Slats of a Bifold Door with Fabric

Bifold doors comprise of two or more door panels that are hinged together. The panels fold over each other when opening the door. While not all bifold doors come with slats, some have them. Typically, a wall, window, or door that has slats is known as a louvre. A bifold louvre is either made of [...]

26 08, 2020

How to Position the Knob on a Aluminium Bifold Door?

Although you can install the knob on any part of an aluminium bifold door, it’s recommended to place it properly for the best functionality. The best placement should be the horizontal midpoint of a door, which is 36” from the bottom. In case the door has several panels, position the knob at the vertical midpoint [...]

26 08, 2020

How to Calculate the Rough Opening of an Aluminium Bifold Door

Today’s aluminium bifold doors (more information here) are known for being convenient. They cover large openings and offer unlimited access to a closet. The doors slide along a track set at the top when opening or closing them. If you’re planning to install bifold doors, it’s important to measure the rough opening for the doors. [...]

23 08, 2020

How to Fix an Aluminium Bifold Door That Opens Itself after Closing

An aluminium bifold door comprises of two panels connected with two or more hinges to form a single bifold door. If a door opening is wide enough, two bifold doors can be installed in the space. However, if the opening isn’t wide, a single bifold door is sufficient. Some bifold doors come with more than [...]

23 08, 2020

Tips for Installing Aluminium Bifold Doors

Today, there’s a growing trend involving DIY door replacement among most homeowners, especially when replacing sliding doors with aluminium bifold doors in Sydney. While sliding doors come with numerous advantages, bifold doors are even better. If you prefer doing the replacement yourself or hiring the services of a professional door installer, here’s everything you should [...]

23 08, 2020

Tips for Troubleshooting and Fixing Closet Bifold Doors

Aluminium bifold doors stand out for their simple installation. Their space-saving design makes them popular for use as closet doors. A typical closet bifold door comprises of two sets of doors. Each set has two hinged panels that open by folding on each other. Thus, the doors cover a wider closet opening without taking up [...]

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