Double-hung windows blend both modern and traditional features. They offer a lot of convenience for today’s homeowners.

These windows are most suitable for homes with a colonial style. Their versatility makes it possible to use them in almost all applications.

They have more advantages than single hung windows. You can open the sashes for easier cleaning and enhanced ventilation.

Read on for detailed facts about these windows to assist you in choosing replacements.

modern aluminium framed double hung windows

 Advantages of Double Hung Windows

  • They’re among the most popularly used window design for today’s homes.
  • They offer more energy-efficiency than other types of windows.
  • They provide more ventilation as a result of having two sashes, whereby one works as an outlet and the other works as an inlet.
  • They feature an unobtrusive and clean look and allow for customization.
  • They’re low-maintenance since you can tilt both window sashes for easier and safer cleaning from the indoors.
  • Their cost of cleaning is low since you can easily clean them yourself rather than hiring professional window cleaners.

High-quality options last for decades. However, newer windows are often made of low-quality vinyl that lasts just about 10 years. Luckily for you, our double-hung vinyl windows are made of top-quality material to last decades.



Double-hung windows are generally costlier than single-hung windows. They require more components to build. For instance, making the sashes slide up and down independently requires several components.

Their cost of installation can be recovered in lower costs of maintenance. For instance, you can easily clean them from within your home.

Thus, you won’t have to climb up a ladder to access them for cleaning. As a result, there’s a lower risk of getting injured when cleaning them.



These windows were first introduced in the construction industry in 1912. They were initially made for installation in factories. Thus, they were made of industrial-grade material.

Their design was meant to allow warehouse and factory workers to enjoy working under ample daylight. The design behind a double-hung window became a huge milestone in the window industry.

During the early years of the 18th century, they were installed in homes. They featured a sash window that would slide vertically. They were indicative of Queen Anne, American Colonial, Victorian, and Craftsman styles.

These styles were basic and the windows were opened or closed by raising them up and down with the help of a weight set on either side of the sash.

The weights are concealed inside the wall. A cord running on a pulley would balance the sash.


Innovative Aluminium & Glass Double Hung Windows

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