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What Are the Benefits Of Bifolding Doors

Over the past ten years, the bifold doors have become very popular door options. The traditional conservatory door or patio door has always served as the alternative for French door – single door system. French doors have got two openers that open from either side so as to create a fully open aperture.


Although, bifold door takes the French doors an extra mile by offering a system that is fully retractable. Such doors can be manufactured up to 10 meters wide.

Many companies have ventured into the manufacturing of bifold doors. The exponential rise in manufacturers is both a merit and a demerit. The advantage comes from the fact that competition has lent to advanced research into the best door systems and improvements in the folding doors.

Although, having many companies in the manufacturing sector poses a threat in that people might end up being confused by what company is the best?

The best door will depend on your preference and choice. Do you prefer a thumb turn or standard handle? Are you looking for the longest manufacturer’s warranty? Or, are you looking for the thinnest frames possible? Such questions have got no any correct answers. They will be based on your preference and choice.


What are the Strengths of Bifold Doors?

  • Add value to your business or home;
  • Allow fully retractable door panels;
  • Give your business or home more space;
  • Range of RAL colors;
  • Virtually maintenance free.


Even with such benefits, it is ideal to understand the different types of bifolding door systems. At the moment, there are four types of bifold door systems.

They include:

  • All new frameless glass patio system;
  • Wood Bifold;
  • The uPVC bifold;
  • The aluminum based folding sliding door system.


The uPVC is the widely known folding door system due to its high volume of sales for the past decade. Although, the aluminum door system has improved in the recent past, posing as the widely favored alternative for uPVC.

Since uPVC products are made from very low strength material, there are very many problems that are associated with them. Users prefer these doors due to their affordability.

uPVC doors highly contract during seasonal weather. As a result, they do not operate properly and look cheap. Furthermore, they also come in the limited amount of colors and have some stringent limits of the widths and heights.

The greatest benefit or strength of uPVC bifold doors is their prices – affordability! Although, concerning adding value to your home, you should consider aluminum or wooden frames.

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