When searching for new windows to install in your home, you’ll be overwhelmed by the choices available. There are many types of windows available today.

One of the best options is the classic double hung type of windows. Here are further details about these windows.

beautiful double hung windows in a home

What are double-hung windows?

These windows feature two sashes. The sashes slide over each other independently. You can slide one sash or both as needed. The bottom sash slides upward whereas the top sash slides downward.

Although you can open both sashes, the maximum space you’ll get is just half of the entire window in terms of size.

In this case, you can open up maximum space by either opening one of the sashes fully or opening both sashes halfway. These windows are installed either in groups or singly.

Here are some benefits of double-hung windows:

  1. Enhanced ventilation

The main reason behind the popularity of these windows is their enhanced ventilation. Additionally, you can easily control ventilation by sliding the sashes open depending on the amount of ventilation you want.

You can easily open both sashes halfway to allow for more ventilation. By opening both sashes, fresh, cool air will be drained into the room through the bottom opening whereas warm, stale air will be expelled out of the room through the top opening.

That way, you’ll enjoy cleaner air indoors and your home will cool naturally to allow for more energy savings. You can open one of the sashes for little ventilation.


  1. Increased safety

Another advantage of these windows is their safety. They don’t protrude outward when opening them, making them safer. As such, you can’t knock someone passing by when opening the windows.

Also, you can’t hit your head on the window since it doesn’t protrude outward. Their zero protrusion makes them great for use in the patio, decking, and near the walkways.

Also, you can lock these windows fully for added security to keep your family and property protected against intruders.


  1. Attractive

These windows are charming in terms of design and material choices. They’re available in materials such as timber, aluminium, and PVC.

Thus, you can go for the kind of material that will suit your house. Besides, the windows are available in different colors. Choose the color you like or a color that matches your house. Additionally, these windows are extremely versatile.

They look great in all kinds of houses, including traditional, ultramodern, and minimalist houses, thanks to their elegant, clean, and classic look.


  1. Energy-efficient and sound insulation

Another great benefit that comes with these windows is their high energy efficiency. They’re able to accommodate double glass panes for enhanced efficiency.

Double glazing reduces the need to use air conditioners or mechanical cooling or heating in the home. Besides, double glazing enhances sound insulation.


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