Aluminium & Glass Bifold Doors Prices

Installing aluminium bifold doors in Sydney is a perfect way of enjoying the outdoor-indoor lifestyle. It’s possible to install several doors in your home to open it to the outdoor space.

During the summer season, bifold doors will assist in reducing the costs of air conditioning by allowing for a cool breeze into your house.

During winter, bifolding doors will allow warmth from natural sunlight into the interior, thereby reducing the costs of heating.


modern aluminium bifold doors opening up to courtyard


With both lifestyle and practical benefits, you wouldn’t have any reason to shy away from installing aluminium bifold doors. Read on through this article for more details on the cost of bifold doors.

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Bifold Doors Explained

Bifold doors feature several doors installed using special hardware such that you can open separate doors with ease.

These doors accordion on each other when opened fully, thereby creating a very wide opening. The doors are available in several configurations including:

  • A 3-door system that opens in a single direction. It covers a total area of approximately 1.4-2.4 meters.
  • A 4-door configuration that opens in either a single/two directions. It covers a total area of approximately 2.9 meters.
  • A 6-door system that opens up in two different directions. It covers a total area of approximately 4.3 meters.
  • A 9-door system that spans a total area of approximately 6.4 meters.

The overall opening width of a bifold door depends on the specific size of an individual door and its configuration.

If you’d want your bifold doors to open over a wider area, get one that comes with a top-quality tracking and hinge mechanism.

A good bifold door should glide easily regardless of whether multiple doors are joined together with hinges.


What’s the cost of bifold doors?

There are many factors that determine the price tag of bifold doors.

These factors include how wide the doors open, the materials used in making the doors, the hardware in the doors, and the cost of installation.

Here are some general rules on their cost:

  • The most affordable option is UPVC bifolding doors.
  • Aluminium bifold doors have a medium to high price tag.
  • Timber bifold doors have a price tag in the upper-mid to highest price tag depending on certain factors such as the grade of timber used, factory or custom design, and quality.

Doors with more panels are typically more expensive than those with fewer panels of the same size and construction materials. You should get quotes from suppliers for accurate costs. Nevertheless, high-grade timber bifold doors may have the following price tag:

  • $2800 for 3 doors featuring an opening of 1.5 meters
  • $3000 for 3 doors featuring an opening of 1.9 meters opening
  • $3200 for 3 doors featuring an opening of 2.1 meters opening
  • $4500 for 4 doors featuring an opening of 2.9 meters opening
  • $5000 for 4 doors featuring an opening of 4.1 meters opening

These prices are specifically for doors with a height of 2.1 meters. If you’d want a door with a height of 2.4 meters, it’ll cost you an extra $100-$200 on the above price tags.

You can also get double glazed bifold doors. You can as well buy those that come with retractable insect screens. Also, the above prices are only for supplying the doors.

The cost of installation may depend on the amount of labor involved. In case the doors will fit in the existing opening, you’re likely to enjoy lower installation costs.

You can install wider opening bifold doors for more space. As you can see from the above price tags, doors with wider openings offer more value for money, especially when the wall or existing opening requires modification during installation.

Bifold doors aren’t only meant for opening the house to the outdoor space. You can also install them in a home with an open plan design.

These doors will save you on cooling and heating costs. They also add privacy when needed. When getting quotes for these doors, don’t only consider the price tag.

You should also take note of the materials and hardware used in making the door for longevity and ease of operability. Look for doors that come with a warranty.

Also, only work with installers who offer a guarantee for their workmanship. When properly installed, doors with high-grade hardware will offer you many years of trouble-free operability.

Although they’re not the least expensive type of doors, you’ll appreciate installing them. Besides, they’ll enhance the value of your home.

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