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Building Flexibility Into Office Life With Glass Partitions


The whole civilized world spends most of their lives working in an office. Many of these people work from outsourced companies in countries other than their own.

These worldwide service industries need affordable ways to provide office environments that can provide working space where employees can function.

Budgets dictate many of these decisions, but allowing the employees to function with optimum performance is also a top concern.

Single Glazed Frameless Glass Office Partitioning


Dividing office buildings

How to divide a large space is dictated by the number of people and the work they will be doing. Considerations like soundproofing need to be considered for people who talk on the phone or are running noisy equipment like printers.

Actual barriers can be created using glass partitions to divide offices into workplaces. Privacy is another consideration valued in these settings.

The design of glass partitioned offices varies. It can create a hierarchy within the office by having large offices for the most important workers. Smaller offices around the larger offices can be for the operational employees that support the larger office workers.

The larger office then becomes a status symbol. This may also support specific functions of employees and serve to allow sectioning for different aspects of the job.



The partitioned office as a symbol

By developing glass partitioned offices that allow more light through transparency, an organization provides a more aesthetically pleasing space for its staff.

This becomes a physical symbol to employees that the employer is pleased with the staff and wants to create a more open environment. Communications are thus improved within the office and with the world.

sleek elegant frameless glass office partition doors


Flexibility of partitioning

Office partitions whether desktop panels or floor to ceiling provide a personal space to divide workers. Operational efficiency is enhanced by segregating work space.

A huge amount of flexibility is added by the use of office partitions. Glass partitions can soundproof an office but still allow light to give an open feeling to the space. They can improve communications by:

  • Allowing greater visual communications between employees
  • Allowing more light into the partitioned area
  • Exhibit a more pleasing aesthetic appearance of a modern company while boosting the morale of workers
  • Blinds for the glass gives the flexibility of being open or private depending on the need of the situation


Variety of paneling adds flexibility

Panels for glass partitions can vary greatly. They can be folding and sliding to give daily flexibility. They can be glass and designed with pictures or logos. The use of plastic film on the glass allows text to be added.

Promotions or competitions can be advertised in this manner. Solid panels of other varieties can be formed in different heights with differing colors.

Office glass partitions are the most affordable way to allow optimum functionality while boosting employee morale. Go to for more details.