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How to Get the Best Results When Painting Aluminum Window Frames

Window frames made of aluminum have become popular due to many reasons. For instance, they are energy efficient, durable, and they do not demand a lot of maintenance.

Their appearance can also be enhanced by using quality paints. Painting these frames is relatively easy. All you’ll need is learning the basics of preparing and the tips on how to paint them carefully to get the best results.

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To start, here are the things you will require:

  • Plastic films and tapes for protecting adjacent surfaces.
  • Cleaning clothes, cleaning accessories such as salt-free soaps, chemical cleaner for metal, scourer, stain remover lubricants, warm water, solvent cleaner, and a toothbrush.
  • High-quality plastic paint, paintbrush, and a metal primer.


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Cover Adjacent Surfaces

You should start with taping adjacent surfaces and covering the window panes and wall surfaces with a plastic film and tape. Never overlook this crucial step to ensure that the adjacent surfaces do not get excess paint.


Cleaning the Frames

There are three key reasons why this step is crucial:

  • To get the surface ready
  • To remove any loose oxidation
  • To remove any dirt and stains


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Remove any chalky paint using a scourer of grade 000 if possible. In case there is excessive chalking, then use sandpaper with the ideal size of grit. Ensure to remove any dust that will be produced in the process.

Then clean the aluminum surface using warm water and soap. Then use an ideal solvent cleaner to do a clean the surface again. Always use a clean cloth to wipe the solvent and soap completely. In case there are any excess stains, use an ideal lubricant spray and a toothbrush to scrub off the stains.

Besides cleaning the aluminum surface, all these processes assist in preparing an aluminum surface to maintain and hold plastic paint. Always remember that in case you’ll fail to prepare the surface properly, the paint might fail to stick.


Metal Cleaner, Paint, and Primer

Use a metal cleaner to carry out the last cleaning step. The metal cleaner is usually an alcohol chemical solution. Ensure you give the frame enough time to dry before you start applying a primer.

Ensure you use a high quality primer. Make sure you follow all the instructions of the manufacturer when applying the primer. Also allow for the fresh primer to dry before going to the last step.

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Follow these simple steps when applying a plastic paint onto the frame:

  • Start with stirring the paint to ensure it is even.
  • Only use thin coats when painting since thick coats are detrimental.
  • Two coats will be enough unless you apply a third one in case the aluminum surface shines through.
  • Allow for each coat to dry completely prior to applying the next coat.

Finally, remove the films and tapes carefully to avoid damaging any paint finish. If it’s your first time to do this, ensure you observe recommendations from the experts on the ideal plastic paint for painting the aluminum window frame. Some good options are oil-based enamel and a polyurethane two ‘pac’ paint.

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