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A Checklist for Office Renovation – Top Seven Tips For Office Remodeling

Office renovation in Sydney comes with many responsibilities. It’s a task that makes business owners horrified and stressed whenever they think about it.

Historically, office remodels are disliked due to their nature of slowing down the productivity of a business, leaving some departments out of their facilities, and the transition chaos involved.

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Moreover, employees are tasked with more work during the transition process in addition to their daily duties.

While most business people dislike the thought of doing a renovation, it’s possible to do it successfully without much difficulty so long as they do it the right way.

Many organizations have done it before, and there’s no reason for any business person to fear the thought of renovation.

We’ve prepared some tips for successful office renovation to assist you in alleviating the much-dreaded burden of doing a huge office renovation. Read on to learn how you can renovate or remodel your office successfully.


Tip #1: Establish a realistic goal and stick to it

Most business people don’t just wake up and decide that they’ll renovate their workspaces without a valid reason. There’s always a reason behind the need to renovate.

If you don’t have a good reason, then you should start with establishing a good reason or goal for the major transition. Upon having a goal, ensure you stick to it and don’t have it skewed.

Office renovations or moves often bring up unexpected issues that weren’t part of your goal. Setting a goal will allow you to stick to your plans and address other things that may come up after meeting your goal.


Tip #2: Check the amount of money that your office spends on real estate

It costs an average of $200 per square feet for most companies to hire an office space. There are many large companies that spend millions on renting spaces for meeting rooms across the world.

Ask yourself whether you can spend such large amounts of money even if 50 percent of your employees work remotely.

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Tip #3: Take advantage of the available data

It’ important to have data when making crucial decisions. You can only make informed decisions when you have current and high-quality data.

In case you lack data about your space, then you’ll find it challenging to make sound decisions. Without data regarding your office space, you’ll only hear about complaints about lacking space for meeting rooms and unending demands for more space.

However, you might assess data about the existing space and even realize that you don’t really have to renovate the space at all.


Tip #4: It’s great to have a smart office space, but avoid losing focus on the job

Companies are often renovating to make their office spaces smart. While this is fun in theory, it’s not actually the best thing to do.

While you’ll find it fun to tell an employee to start your meeting, it’ll still feel awkward since you have to request everyone to remain silent so that you can tell an employee to start the meeting. This will cost you valuable minutes of employee productivity.


Tip #5: Focus on collaboration

Eleven million meetings, on average, are held across the world every day. In case your organization plans to renovate without having a good goal, then you should consider collaboration as the driving factor.

The new set up for the workspace should be suitable for supporting optimal collaboration. It should allow for workers to communicate effectively be it remotely or in person.


Tip #6: Success doesn’t come freely

It’s extremely important to have a well thought-out layout and invest in the best technology to get an optimal workspace.

Only go for the best office technology and obtain high-quality collaboration to ensure your office remodel project is completed successfully.

For instance, you should integrate video conferencing in your renovation budget in case you haven’t installed one yet or if the existing one is outdated.

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Tip #7: Ensure your teams are aligned

Office remodels and renovations usually involve professionals who specialize in facility management. However, most organizations fail to recognize the important role that IT teams play during a renovation project.

Thus, you should ensure all the teams involved are aligned and involve them all during the renovation to get the most out of the transition.

Companies always evolve. Also, the workforce continues becoming globalized. As such, workspaces will always shift over time.

Thus, companies should always empower themselves by utilizing data surrounding their workspaces to make sure they make informed decisions about their current status and need for renovation.

By utilizing these tips, business owners can reduce their costs of real estate, make informed decisions from current data, and improve office technology. Moreover, doing office renovation the right way will come with returns.


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