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Cheap Glass Office Partition Systems and Doors

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Affordable Glass Partitioning Systems & Doors For Office

Partitioning or dividing walls or rooms are increasingly becoming a standard practice worldwide, especially in Sydney, Australia. That’s why this is a subject that all and sundry ought to familiarize themselves with. The object of the blog that follows is to lay bare what the subject matter entails.

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Dividers/Partitions have been a critical part of homes and offices since time immemorial. In ancient Japan, for instance, screens and dividers were already in existence.

The technology to partition rooms is rapidly evolving as is the interest that people have in this practice of partitioning walls.

In light of this, many contractors are now engaged in the field of partitioning and dividing walls. Examples of the latest partitioning technology include commercial walls, and glass doors respectively.


Benefits of Partitions

Partitions may confer the following benefits to the households or businesses that opt to adopt it:

Helps in Demarcating Work Spaces

Partitions help in defining the workspace in an office setting. This is necessary because different kinds of workers generally require different amounts of workspaces. Architects, for instance, require plenty of workstations compared to clerks.


Bolsters the Productivity of Workers

By partitioning the workspaces, each worker is given the privacy, space, and plenty of room to fully concentrate in his chores/duties without any disturbances from the other workers. This, in turn, leads to greater productivity since each worker becomes more efficient in executing the tasks assigned to him/her.


Foster Family Ties

When carried out at home, partitions can foster family ties by reason of being able to create larger rooms wherein whole families may be accommodated.


Enhanced Accessibility

Partitions can be used to create additional pathways and breezeways within the home gardens and by so doing, enhance the general outdoor ambiance.


Effective Space Utilization

Partitions may be carried out in homes to set aside rooms for entertainment, dining, children’s plays, personal study rooms, and other functions within the home. This leads to effective space utilization as it minimizes interferences and offers privacy to the various kinds of persons who reside in a typical household.


Factors to Consider while Buying/Choosing Partitions

Below are the two main factors to consider while buying or choosing a partition plan:

Amount and Nature of Space Available

The amount of space, as well as nature thereof, determines to a great extent the manner in which the walls/floor is more likely to be partitioned.

This is accompanied by a detailed partition plan which among others stipulates how the entire floor is to be divided up and partitioned as need be. A detailed partition plan also minimizes errors and expedites the process of floor partition.


Qualified and Experienced Contractor

Hiring a qualified contractor is the surest way of successfully partitioning your office/home space. That’s because such a contractor will usually avail excellent after-sales-services besides doing a thorough job and by so doing, spare you the pain of having to part with lots of money to carry out further repairs and maintenance in future.



Glass doors confer the added benefits of decoration/aesthetics besides merely providing the function/role of granting or denying access to a room. That’s because they also offer privacy, extra space, separation of the various workspaces, and extra natural light.

They are generally used to create new home offices or separating portions of existing rooms into home offices, nurseries, or play rooms.


The Benefits of Utilizing our Services

Below are the two main benefits of utilizing the services of our organization.

Diverse Product Portfolio

We have a variety of frame designs, glass types, sliding barn doors (our new version of the traditional wood barn door), room dividers, sliding doors, swing door, and pocket doors, and frame finishes, a fact that grants you the option of selecting which one precisely suits your unique lighting, décor, and space needs/requirements.


Individualized Approach

We adopt and uphold individualized approach while dealing with each of our clients. This means that each client is treated as if he was the only one.

We take our time to listen to each client’s unique needs and respond to them accordingly by creating or sourcing for gadgets that accurately reflect their unique needs. With our organization, you simply need to dream and we will customize a door or a wall for you!



The cost for which an office partition may be carried out depends on several factors. These factors, upon which our quotations are calculated, are explained here below:


The Type of Office Walls Required

Office walls come in different shapes, sizes, degrees of sophistication and functionality. Some office walls may require soundproofing i.e. insulating them against the intrusion of external sound.

We have two considerations under this category i.e. the standard rating of 50 mm thickness and the sound rating of 75 mm thickness.

Soundproofing also offers protection against fire outbreaks. The thicker the walls are, the costlier they will be, and vice versa.


The Number of Doors within the Partitions

As a general rule, the highly partitioned the room is, the more expensive it is and vice versa. It, therefore, goes without saying that, you will have to pay more should you require more doors within the partitions.


Accessibility of the Work Site

Partitioning rooms require the transportation and deployment of staff, materials, and equipment to the work site.

Floors that are located higher up a building are a bit cumbersome to access as compared to those that are located nearer the ground floor. This, therefore, means that partitioning higher floors are more expensive than lower floors.

Other than that, the accessibility of the building by means of stairs or lifts also has an impact as regards the overall costs of partitioning the walls (the more accessible the work site is, the cheaper the cost of partitioning it will be, and vice versa).


Painting and Decorations

In case the client prefers the walls to be either painted or decorated over and above merely being partitioned, this may inflate the overall cost of partitioning. We may paint the partition frames by use of RAL colours to match any themes or any existing frameworks.


Nature of the Partition

Partitions are two main types namely reconfiguration of a pre-existing partition or the creation of brand new partitions altogether. Re-configuring a pre-existing partition is generally cheaper than constructing a brand new one.


When the Task of Partitioning may be done

We are a bit flexible as pertains our work schedule. We may partition your walls in the weekdays, on weekends, during the day, at night, and on public holidays. Generally, working outside the ordinary office hours cost more than within the ordinary office hours.

The subject matter of partitioning walls is pretty broad and rapidly evolving. Further research by the various stakeholders and interested parties is therefore absolutely necessary.

We are currently serving Sydney, New South Wales.