One of the best ways of controlling the amount of light, ventilation, and heat in an outdoor space is using outdoor louvres. Besides, aluminium louvres are sleek.

Their architectural lines add to the beauty of any home. The latest design of louvres combines both performance and style. For instance, louvres made of aluminium blades look chic and are extremely durable.

Louvre designs are now going extreme. Read on for more details about the latest designs and trends of outdoor louvres.

outdoor aluminium louvres installation


Why Should You Install Outdoor Louvres?

Outdoor louvres are great for controlling heat and adding shade in outdoor rooms. It’s possible to adjust the louvres depending on the weather conditions.

For instance, you can open them partially or fully to allow light and cool breeze into the room. You can also close them as soon as it starts raining to keep soft furnishings and furniture protected from water damage. Besides, louvres create a major design statement.


Latest Louvre Designs and Trends

One of the newest trends is louvre designs that focus on enhancing energy efficiency. For instance, you can get a louvre roof system that rotates at an angle of 180 degrees to allow a cool natural breeze throughout your home, thereby reducing the reliance of air conditioner units.


Latest Looks

Today, aluminium blades with powder coating are extremely popular. You can paint them in the color of your choice or to blend with the existing color scheme in your home.

Louvres with anodized surfaces are also making a huge comeback in today’s market. Anodized surfaces are great for installation in homes built in coastal regions as they don’t corrode. Finishes with textured wood are also becoming more popular.

Textured wood finishes are typically applied on aluminium louvres to make them resemble wood while still retaining their ease of maintenance and toughness.


Blade Size

The size of the blades making up louvres is getting both smaller and bigger. Some designers are making mini blades while others are designing extremely large blades to suit specific applications. Today, you can find a blade as small as 70mm or as large as 300mm.



Motorization of louvres is a growing design trend. Today, motorized louvres are preferred by more homeowners due to their enhanced operability.

Some are opened or closed with the help of a remote control while others operate with the help of sensors. The sensors detect current weather conditions to close or open the louvres automatically.

For instance, if there are signs of rainfall, the sensors will detect it and shut the louvres.


Vertical Louvres

Another growing design trend is the use of vertical louvres. Vertical louvres create an impressive architectural effect, especially when installed as a fence or as a wall around courtyards and outdoor rooms. Besides, you can fully lock them to enhance the security of your home.


Styles Available

Modern styles of louvres include a roof system that is weatherproof and remote-controlled. You can also find a roof system that is controlled by automatic sensors.

You can also find sun louvres that are great for roofing or vertical applications like garden screens and fences.


Are there affordable options?

If the price range of an automated louvre roof system is above your budget, you can consider more affordable options such as adding a partially opening roof system into the existing roof.

Also, you can install a louvre roof system over your outdoor dining area or close to the outdoor barbeque for protection against harsh weather elements while still allowing for ventilation and natural light in the space.


Aluminium Louvres in Sydney

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