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Custom Glass Projects to Upgrade Your Office Décor


If you’re looking for a unique way to transform your office décor, it might be worth considering custom glass work. Not only does it add style and elegance, but it can also help you redefine the boundaries and functions of interior spaces.


For the modern business, image is everything. It’s important to customers, investors, and suppliers, so make sure your work environment is a good fit for brand values. With custom glass work, it’s easy to enhance the office and create a striking, contemporary aesthetic.


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Keep reading for tips on the best ways to decorate your office with custom glass.


Glass Dividers, Doors, and Walls

The most common use of custom glass is to create walls and dividing elements. As the primary material here is glass, the effect is quite specific. When used correctly, it provides practical divisions and demarcations – so rooms are clearly marked out – but helps to retain an open, fluid environment at the same time.

With a glass partition, you let in plenty of natural light and contribute to an all-inclusive mood, However, noise is still muffled for privacy and access can be controlled. Even with glass doors, there are locks and access privileges.



Glass Panels and Partitions

Another kind of glass partition is the desktop divider. These products do a similar job to custom glass walls, but they are much smaller. They sit atop counters, desks, and half height walls to increase privacy.

For instance, you might run a business that involves lots of telephone contact. It might not be practical to close every operator off in their own office, but you can give them a semi-private space.

With a glass partition, it’s just a matter of raising the height of clear, transparent barriers. You can still see into individual stations, but they’ve got noise protection and a feeling of comfort and security.


minimal office decor with frameless glass partitioning walls


Mirrors and Reflective Surfaces

Nobody said that your custom glass has to be transparent. Don’t forget about the power of mirrors. Reflective surfaces have a fantastic ability to visually expand interior spaces.

The many different reflections can trick your mind into seeing and feeling more room, particularly in cramped spots. Mirrors are also very affordable, so you can use them as a low cost decorating trick.

To make things personal, have the company logo etched into each mirror or glass partition. It’s an excellent form of branding and bound to impress visitors to the office.



Glass Railings and Bannisters

While glass railings are less common than custom partitions, they are synonymous with class and sophistication. In fact, upmarket hotels and boutique shops have a penchant for them, because they keep everything nice and open.

Visitors stay safe when touring upper levels, but there’s also a sense of openness and warmth. When a person can see all of the important parts of the business right away, they know you have nothing to hide. It speaks of honesty, transparency, and pride in the company.



Why 2018 Is the Right Time to Try Custom Glass

Even the highest quality, custom glass work is eminently affordable in comparison with a full office refit or redevelopment. So, instead of spending lots of money and time on a disruptive transformation, why not invest in beautiful, bespoke glass?