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Double Hung Kitchen Windows | Double Hung uPVC Windows

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Replacing Old Windows with Double Hung Vinyl Windows

Whenever you think about traditional window styles, the first style that would come in mind is mostly the double hung types. These windows comprise of two sashes, a top one and a bottom one. Each sash comes with its own pane.

The bottom sash slides upwards to either open or close the window. The sashes are held open using friction or springs and counterweights. Traditional ones still look elegant in modern houses.

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In most instances, older houses still have wooden sash windows. Most of them were fitted when the homes were being built. Most of the older ones have multiple problems as a result of neglect or age.

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They might be broken or have damaged parts that prevent them from closing or opening properly. The wooden option has always been the most common type but it is prone to damage by moisture and rotting.

Such problems affect the general appearance of a home and also cost a homeowner more money as a result of their energy inefficiency once they are damaged.

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Homeowners who still have the older wooden option should think about replacing them with the modern vinyl type. The vinyl ones offer more benefits over traditional wooden windows that use older technologies. Modern vinyl types offer better insulation than wood, making them better in terms of energy efficiency.

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They come with glass rated as Low-E. They also have an inert gas inserted between double panes to enhance insulation. These windows also demand less maintenance when compared to wooden ones. You do not have to paint them often.

They resist water damage unlike wood which rots easily when exposed to moisture. Some models can tilt and this makes it easy to clean the outer side while still inside a room.

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These windows come in a wide variety of colors and styles. This makes it possible for homeowners to easily find the style and color that matches with the existing look of a home and blends with the existing décor.

With benefits of appearance, functionality and energy efficiency, replacing older wooden windows with modern vinyl types that are double hung makes sense.