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Aluminum Windows Design Benefits

If you are looking for a replacement window or just comparing different projects on home improvement, you might have narrowed down on aluminum windows. You might have done more research on these windows and gathered some information about them.

However, it appears like most of the information about them is quite negative. It is actually rare to come across positive information on these windows in the internet. The question that comes in the minds of most consumers is whether aluminum windows are really bad like it is assumed.

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The answer to this question would depend on some factors. You might assume that the answer to this is either yes or no, but the truth is that the right answer depends on your personal preferences.

However, if you wanted a straightforward and quick answer, it would be no, because these windows are not that bad like some people assume. In fact, there are more benefits of these windows than the shortcomings but this depends more on your needs and preferences.


aluminium windows commercial


Advantage 1 – Aluminium boasts as a material that makes sturdy windows. In case you have a white window frame made of aluminium and you leave it out under the sun for two decades, all you will find is just some debris and dust on the frame. You will simply wipe it off and you will have the frame looking like it did two decades ago.

This might never be the case about window frames made of wood or vinyl materials. Although vinyl frames are being improved, and no matter the number of UV inhibitors that are being put in them, they still can’t beat aluminium with respect to sturdiness.


Advantage 2 – It is possible to make big windows from aluminium. The structural strength of aluminium makes it reliable in making window frames of any size. This is the key reason why skyscrapers use windows made of aluminium. You can never find wood or vinyl windows in a skyscraper.

Hence, if you are constructing a large home or remodeling the current one, and you want to install expansive windows, then you should consider using aluminium ones as they cannot limit the size of the window. You would only be limited to use them on few buildings. You will find them in almost all buildings.

It is rare to find a grocery store with a vinyl or wood entry door. They’re mostly aluminium since it is proven as more durable than other materials. Some entry doors also use fiberglass doors and they are almost impervious like aluminium. However, most designers opt to use aluminum due to its better finish. Fiberglass demands more maintenance like regular staining or painting.


aluminium windows design


Advantage 3 – Windows made using aluminium are cost effective with respect to the initial cost of investment and maintenance. Although the qualities might be different, such that a certain brand of aluminium would be more expensive than a certain brand of a vinyl window, the overall result is that aluminium ones are ultimately more effective cost wise.


Advantage 4 – Aluminium offers you the chance to choose from many colors. Vinyl does not offer a variety of colors yet, and this is most common in regions with extreme climates such as deserts. Most manufacturers decline to sell tan or white vinyl for consumers in desert regions. Wood also presents a chance to choose from multiple colors but in most cases, people prefer wood with a natural look.

Aluminium windows can even have a dark brown or black color in regions with high temperature without issues. It is also easy to paint aluminium with whichever color you would want to ensure it matches with the existing décor or for personal preferences.

This is the key reason why you will still see these windows in large homes since they’re the only type that would offer you size and color options when designing an extremely large home that is customized.

Since you can actually see these windows have many advantages, why do most people still view them negatively? There’s just one factual negative aspect with this windows and this reason is big especially nowadays.


Disadvantage – The main disadvantage of these windows is that they are inefficient in thermal protection. Thermal efficiency is usually a crucial topic nowadays. Selling products that are energy inefficient is a challenge. Competing products will tout their inefficiency and here is nothing bad as that in business. The truth is that these windows are least efficient in terms of thermal protection when compared to wood, fiberglass, and vinyl.

Aluminium is a metal, and thus a good conductor of heat. When it is hot outside, these windows will allow hot air in making the home hotter and more uncomfortable. When it is winter, they allow hot air out and cold air into your house. However, if energy efficiency is a major concern to you, then it wouldn’t be recommendable to invest in these windows for your building.

However, if you’re set to invest in these windows despite their energy efficiency, then don’t worry since there is still some great news. For instance, you can improve their energy efficiency by investing in aluminum windows that have a thermal breaker. They are also energy efficient like the other types of windows.

They are made using a technology where aluminum is broken up with a filament that reduces heat transfer in the frame. The exterior part of the aluminum frame is hence separated by the thermal breaker from the interior part.

The thermal breaker is usually a rubber compound with high energy efficiency. It allows the aluminium material to have its reliability and sturdiness while enhancing its energy efficiency.