Double Glazed Aluminium Windows & Doors in Sydney

At Innovative Aluminium & Glass, we can provide you with double glazed window and door systems. Our double glazed doors and windows are highly rated to offer both acoustic and thermal insulation.

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double glazed windows installed in a home in Sydney

One of the best glazing options is double glazing. It involves installing two glass panels in one frame. The glass panels are separated by a gap containing a special gas to offer enhanced thermal and sound insulation.

Most property owners assume that double glazed systems can block out noise. However, standard double glazing systems aren’t designed to offer a lot of sound insulation. They’re only designed to offer thermal insulation.

The sound insulation rating of a double glazed door or window system is determined by the glass type used and the width of the air gap between the panes. Double glazed door or window systems designed to offer thermal insulation are ineffective at minimizing sound transmission.

Our glazing experts in Sydney design, manufacture, supply, and install double glazed acoustic windows and doors for both commercial and residential applications. Our double glazed systems offer better thermal and acoustic insulation than standard double glazing options.

In most situations, standard double glazing doesn’t fix problems related to noise. Our past installations prove that our window and door systems offer higher sound insulation at a more affordable cost than doing a complete replacement with double glazing.

We have the expertise and products that will offer the best solution to a specific problem. Our acoustic glazing solutions are designed to suit any business premises or home. Our acoustic glazing solutions include:

  • Upgrading an existing window system by adding a secondary glazing system within the existing window.
  • Replacing existing windows with double glazed windows. This solution is most ideal for renovations, replacement projects involving aluminium windows, and new projects.
  • Replacing existing windows and providing a double glazed acoustic system. This solution is most ideal when dealing with hinged wooden doors and windows.

Our secondary double glazed systems are specially designed to offer noise reduction in both doors and windows. The secondary system comes with a special air gap within the panels and is added within the existing door or window frame. Our acoustic solution is award-winning and proven to offer a sound blocking level of between 42 to 46 STC. Thus, you’ll enjoy up to 80 percent noise reduction.

By retaining your existing window system on the exterior of our glazing system, the appearance of your building won’t be altered externally. Besides, our acoustic system is operable such that you can open it for ventilation or cleaning purposes. That way, the operability of the existing window won’t be altered. Thus, we design windows that will work perfectly in your commercial property or home.

Double Glazed Window Systems

Innovative Aluminium & Glass offers double glazed window solutions with a higher acoustic rating that most competing products.

Double Glazed Door Systems

We also manufacture, supply, and install door systems with double glazing and a high insulation rating to block 75 percent of noise. Moreover, Innovative Aluminium & Glass will design the doors to blend with the style of your office or home.

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