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Aluminium Windows: Single Hung vs Double Hung

Aluminium Windows: Single Hung vs Double Hung 2017-08-15T19:37:49+00:00

Single Hung vs. Double Hung Windows

Older windows can result in a variety of problems like letting moisture into the room or decreasing safety through rotten frames, poor fits, or broken locks.

Such windows can result in additional expenses when they allow hot temperatures, a situation that will render for the use air conditioners. As such, you might want to replace your older windows to avoid these problems and expenses.

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With poor procedures and decisions, window replacement can end up being very expensive. To make the process inexpensive, you will need to decide what type of window to choose during replacement. As a homeowner, spending your time on researching options before you settle on a particular window will best serve your needs and is highly recommended.

Among the various options that you will be considering are single hung and double hung windows. Which suits your needs best? What are their pros and cons? What about the benefits? Well, let’s take a look!


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Setup and Maintenance Costs:

When it comes to setup cost, single hung windows are about 15 percent cheaper when compared to the double hung windows. There is not much difference when it comes to their maintenance cost.


Cleaning and General Maintenance:

Single hung windows are rather difficult to clean and maintain compared to their double hung counterparts. You will find that it is tough to clean the exterior part of the top sash of the single hung window since it doesn’t tilt in.

Furthermore, cleaning single hung windows will prove to be a frustration for those who are living on an upper floor of the house. Double hung windows can tilt both inside and outside. Hence they are easy to clean and maintain.


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Both single hung and double hung windows come with the same design options. What you will get from a double hung window in terms of styling, you can also get from the single hung window.


Ventilation Sash Features:

The top sash of a single hung window is stationary while both sashes tilt and move in double hung windows. Double hung windows have better ventilation because both the bottom and top sashes can be opened. In contrary, single hung windows have less ventilation, since only the bottom sash tilts and moves.

In most cases, single hung windows are more commonly used in new houses, office spaces, and apartment buildings. The main reason for their popularity is cost.

Although, during the process of replacing one or two windows, the difference will not be that great. Hence, you might want to consider the double hung windows that are easy to clean and with better ventilation.