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These Factors Determine Whether an Aluminium Window or Door is Energy Efficient or Not

Energy efficiency is one of the trends of the modern times that are not only good for people but also the planet. People also wonder whether the aluminium windows or doors they have installed are energy efficient or not.

If you are wondering the same thing then you must know that there are several factors that determine whether an aluminium window or door is energy efficient or not. We have mentioned them all in this article.


energy efficient windows and doors


Do you know what Energy Efficiency is?

Before we tell you what factors impact the energy efficiency of an aluminium door or window, you need to have an idea of what energy efficiency actually is.

With regards to a home, energy efficiency is measured by how much electrical power is consumed while ensuring that the home is cooler, hotter and has ample lighting. It also involves running the electrical appliances.

If you have aluminium doors and windows that protect your home from the changing weather conditions like keeping your home cooler by preventing heat from getting into your home then you would need less electricity to cool the home. Eventually you will end up saving electricity and your hard-earned dollars.


Factors that Determine the Energy Efficiency of Aluminium Doors and Windows

Manufacturing Process: If the manufacturer is using high quality aluminium while creating the windows and doors, you will get the maximum energy efficiency as aluminium is one of the most environment friendly material that can be easily recycled.

The energy required to create products from aluminium is far less than the energy required to create products from timber.


Age Matters

Most of the times the older your windows are, the lesser would be their energy efficiency. So it would be smart to let go of the old windows from time to time. The old windows also have problems like worn and old seals that may not be able to prevent water or air entering into your home.

According to Jacob Martin of R C Windows & Doors, if excess air is entering into your home during winters, you will need to spend more electricity on keeping the home warm and hence the energy efficiency of your home would reduce.


The Seals

You must always check for any breakage in the seals of the windows. If the seals are not proper, your heater or air conditioner would need to run for a longer time than required and you will lose the benefit of being energy efficient due to the windows and doors with loose seals.


Glass Type

There are so many energy efficient glass types available in the market that you might get confused. A wiser move would be to opt for an energy efficient glass.

They are usually very durable and would save more money for you over time. They may seem a bit costly than a normal glass but they are always well worth the investment.


The Design is Vital

If you prefer to get a maximum amount of fresh air into your home when the weather is cooler, you must opt for sliding or stacking aluminium doors or sliding windows with fixed panels.

They would allow you to get maximum airflow. The fresh airflow would reduce the need for an air conditioner in the summers and make your home more energy efficient.

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