Aluminium & Glass Office Partition Walls

North Shore Sydney

In today’s world of technology and working from anywhere, the traditional office space gets a bad rap.

This may be partly due to the poor setups of the past, where each cubicle was surrounded by boring gray walls and the boardrooms were used for special occasions and were isolated from the main workspaces. This resulted in a prison-like atmosphere.

Today’s office divisions focus on style and efficiency. Changes like glass office partitions allow more light and style while also improving elegance.

Companies like Innovative Aluminium & Glass provide options to match your style and decor while optimizing the efficiency of your workspace layout.

Various options are available to the discerning company, like frameless glass walls, framed glass, semi-frameless glass, skirting, frameless glass doors and plaster board. Each of these options provides benefits for specific setups and themes of organization.

frameless glass office partition walls in north shore sydney

Aluminium Office Partitions

For commercial aluminium, it is safe to say we are the country’s most innovative supplier. We provide revolutionary designs that are flexible and are made to fit your workspace.

Stylish and modern, these aluminium-based designs fit the biggest commercial space or the smallest layout for a close-knit company.

Glass Partitions Walls

For a stylish and classy look, it pays to invest in glass office partitions. These partitions allow better use of natural and interior light and provide a more open feel to the entire layout of the space.

Meanwhile, they come in a wide range of styles and design options, increasing your chance to be unique.

Variety Is Key

We understand the design of a business is based on core values and the desire to have a layout that no one can claim as similar to that of a competitor.

Our approach is to listen to the needs of each business we work with, and then we offer consultations to make sure the client is happy with the specific design chosen for their business floor. We can work with a wide variety of businesses, with different approaches depending on size:

  • Small businesses that need the feel of an open floor plan while incorporating storage in shelving units or in need of convenient partitions
  • Tinted or logo-printed designs for businesses that want to be loud and proud with their business logo. From the front doors throughout the building, we can help show off that important logo.
  • Frosted or clear glass fit-outs, which are appropriate for different aesthetics. This is a common request that we regularly fulfill.

These are only some of the options available. For the best idea of suitable dividers for your work area, it is best to come in for a consultation.

Quality Is Important and Premium Products Deliver

Our goal is to provide the best service, and toward that end we make sure we only use the best materials. Quality and craftsmanship are both top-notch, so you can be confident in the newly installed doors, locks, shelves and handles.

We maintain a catalog stocked with top quality products from our suppliers. Clients are sure to find hardware that suits their needs and matches the office decor. However, clients are also welcome to source hardware elsewhere if they prefer to do so.

We pride ourselves in providing timely service to customers who need and want the quote in the same day and the work done as soon as possible. We understand that need, and our staff works hard to provide quick and efficient service. For solutions to your aluminium and glass partition needs, get in touch with us today.