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Aluminium & Glass Office Partitions

When you hear the words “office partitions”, it isn’t a far leap for the mind to drum up an endless row of cubicles occupied with the same humdrum walls.

Rows of employees would file into their respective cubes, only ever seeing boardrooms and other areas of the facility on special occasions or for team meetings.

This gave partitions the same reputation as prison walls, but a lot has changed in the world of partitions to break free from this negative image and offer a fresh and innovative look to any office space.

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movable glass office partitions

Glass partitions are the modern version of the dungeon-like cubicle partition walls of old. They provide a sleek and contemporary look while adding a lot of natural light and less completely divided work areas.

Innovative Aluminium & Glass, you have a lot of options for these glass partitions, allowing for a custom look and feel to any area of the workplace. Some of your options are:

  • Framed Glass
  • Frameless Glass
  • Semi-Frameless Glass
  • Frameless Glass Doors
  • Skirting
  • Plasterboard

Aluminium Partitions

We are the foremost supplier & installer of commercial aluminum and glass in Sydney. This means there is never going to be a wait for top quality aluminum partitions that can really boost the look and functionality of your entire office space.

With numerous style options you can choose from, there is a style for every company big and small.

Glass Partitions

As was mentioned earlier, glass partitions are a big part of the business we have here. You will find (with all of the above-mentioned styles) that there is something that can appeal to any taste.

This is a sure fire way to bring a lot of class and modernism to your work environment. Apart from their practical side of reducing lighting costs by allowing more natural light to resonate, they are also able to provide a more open floor plan for employees (which can improve morale and work satisfaction ratings).

Customization of Your Work Space

We pride ourselves on always telling the customer “yes”, no matter what they need their office space to look like. With the variety of options in products that we have, combined with complete customization, there are no limits to the look that you can create.

To touch more on the customizations, here are some of the popular requests:

  • Small designs made for small businesses looking for a modern take on the modest office space
  • Tinted and logo printed glass options for doorways, walls and windows (allowing you to effectively imbed your logo into the glass pane itself).
  • Clear and frosted glass options

The Importance of High Quality

One of our biggest promises to our potential customers is our guarantee of the highest quality materials. When we are designing your renovation, you can rely on the fact that the materials to be used will be of the highest possible caliber every time.

A point of pride for our company is the extensive catalogue of high-end parts clients can browse through and choose from, based on their style and décor needs. Even if you want to provide your own hardware for the job, we can still put our craftsmanship to work for you.

Installation That’s Fast

At Innovative AG, a fast turnover time and timeliness are two of our most common compliments. You want the quote on the same day? No problem. We can get you the quote and begin work on the project quickly and professionally.

It is a guarantee to offer a quote within the same day as any inquiry is given to us. Once work has begun, it will be done quickly and expertly.

If you need glass and aluminum partitions, be sure to contact us today!

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We service the entire Sydney region including the below mentioned North Sydney suburbs:

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