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Aluminium & Glass Partitions for Offices in Double Bay

When it comes purchasing office partitions, many people make the wrong decision. They do not know how much planning is required and think that a specialist is not worth the time of the expense.

They often call a used office furniture store purchase desks, chairs, cabinets, and modular wall system that often do not fit the flooring plans or the way the office is set up.

Businesses may spend more money in the long run when they need to get rid of this furniture and replacing them with something else.

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frameless glass partitions

At Innovative Aluminium and Glass, we offer a better solution for purchasing office partitions. We have premium modular products that are designed to be flexible and fit the needs of the office.

These dividers are made from an eco-friendly aluminum, glass and other materials that are made from recycled materials. They come in many different sizes and will seamlessly fit into the office.

These walls can be removed, cut, shaped, and recovered. They are 100 percent reusable. These screens are flexible and that is not possible with traditional drywall or many other office partitions.

They come with a free reconfiguration kit and parts for making assembly and disassembly easy.


The Innovative Difference

These office walls are innovative. They can come with a height of 8 feet or 12 feet. There are different widths including 12, 18, 24, 30, 36, 42, and 48 inches. These widths can be adjusted on customer requests.

Each of the walls if 4 inches thick and has open cavities that will allow for the installation of electrical wires, water, communication devices, and even HVAC ducting.

These module walls are stylish as well. They come in many different surface materials as well as colors. They can come in glass, veneer, laminate, tack boards, and even white boards.

There are floor and ceiling channels that come in a power coated finish. The door and the window trim are made from anodized aluminium.

There are many popular finishes. One of the most popular finishes is tack board. This will allow papers and other items to be hung from the wall with push pins. If this board becomes dirty it can be cleaned with soap and water.

Innovative Aluminum and Glass is the top modular wall company in all of Double Bay. Our company is currently expanding throughout Australia. Give us a call today to find out more information or click here to visit our top page for more details.

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