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Aluminium & Glass Partitions for Offices in Melrose Park


Office partitions allow employees separate working spaces. They help to maximize the number of employees employers can have in one large office space. Choosing the right panels to meet your unique needs is not always easy.

Many employers order dividers from companies that do not customize only to end up with partitions that will not fit or work. At Innovative Aluminum & Glass, we take your needs into consideration and work with you to create screens that will work for you.

We have several size and material options. Our screens come ready to set up. No tools are required. They are simple to work with and easy to reconfigure.

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frameless glass partitions

Innovative Aluminium & Glass is a growing company that specializes in office partitions. Panels are available in heights of eight feet, or twelve feet.

They can be customized in widths between 12 inches and 48 inches. Our walls are 4 inches thick and are able to accommodate electric cords, water pipes, communications infrastructure, and more.

We think ahead when creating our dividers. They are guaranteed to meet all of your needs. Have a special need not mentioned? Simply ask and we will create customized partitions that will meet your unique requirements.

Any office space could benefit from our stylish partitions. We offer several different surface options which are available in different colors. You can choose from panels made of glass, white board, tack board, veneer, or laminate.

Ceilings, floor channels, and wall starts are always powder coated. We make all door and window trim using anodized aluminum.

The tack board partition is one of our best sellers. Notes, papers, etc. can be tacked to the partition walls using thumb tacks. This helps aid in employee organization.

Another best seller is the white board partition. White board allows employees to actually write on their partition walls using white board markers. Removing the writing is a piece of cake! Simply erase using a dry board eraser.

Our dividers are known for their quality. Our business is well known in the Melrose Park area. Customers rave about our products!

They love how our partitions look, hold up, and how they help to maximize office space. Customers also love how easy they are are to keep clean. Soap and warm water is all you need. Interested? Give us a call today!

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