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Glass Office Partitions in North Sydney & Milsons Point NSW

When most of us picture office partitions, a dull and dreary, individually boxed room inside a maze of other identical boxes, usually springs to mind. Being confined in one of these boxes day in, day out can lead workers to feel as though they are trapped in a form of prison.

At Innovative Aluminium and Glass, we are totally changing the way people view office partitioning in North Sydney and Milsons Point. We create spaces that are modern and stylish as well as efficient and effective. There are many different options available when selecting your new office partitioning, and choice will depend upon many things including your own personal decor and styling requirements.

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glass partitioning in North Sydney office

Some of the choices in our range include:

Plasterboard – A simple but effective choice when it comes to office organization.

Framed Glass – Ideal for opening up the workspace and providing a touch of elegance to any office space.

Frameless Glass – Strikingly different, our frameless glass panels are a unique and modern addition.

Semi-Frameless Glass – Offering a similar level of elegance and sophistication but with some added strength.

Frameless Glass Doors – Currently in very high demand, our glass doors are very popular as they create a warm, inviting and open atmosphere in any professional environment.

Skirting – Like the icing on the cake, appropriate skirting finalizes a smooth and clean office space.


When it comes time to choose what is right for you and your company’s look, feel and space there are so many things to put into consideration. A lot of companies choose to use a combination of walls to maximize their utility and functionality as well as maintain a sleek and appealing visual presence. We will work with you every step of the way through the design process to make certain that your dream becomes a reality.


We can personalize and customize in a wide variety of ways, some of which include either frosting or clear glass partitions, as well as personalized logo printing and tinting. We welcome you to share with us any and all ideas that you may have when it comes to your offices’ partitioning, and we will do our best to work with and for you to achieve the style and look of your dreams.


At our company, we pride ourselves on providing an expert customized service that is done with professionalism, integrity, honesty and timeliness. We understand that in a busy professional world, such as today’s, that speed and efficiency is key. This is the reason we guarantee you a same day quote and will complete all work in a timely and professional manner.


You can be assured of only the best quality when it comes to our products. We source only the highest quality materials that are up to the standard of our expert craftsmanship. From the smallest bolt or handle right the way through to our shelves and doors, you can rest easy knowing that our expert team has carefully selected each and every thing.


Contact us to arrange a free quote and start building the office space that you and your workplace deserve today.

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