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Aluminium & Glass Partitions for Offices in Ryde NSW

Organizations – both big and small – somehow get it wrong in when it comes to investing in office partitions. They somehow assume that planning is not of the essence and therefore decide to purchase most of the office accessories hurriedly by themselves.

However, businesses are better off buying office partitions through a specialist interior construction company and for good reason.

The experts are not only well equipped with the latest technology, but also with much-needed experience that may drastically help to lower the overall expenses in the long run.

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frameless glass partitions

Innovative Aluminum and Glass provides a wide range of quality solutions when it comes to office partitions.

With a wealth of experience spanning decades in the sector, our company is not only equipped with the latest technology and products, but also endowed with the requisite manpower to conduct all functions related with office screens.

Top on our list of products is the popular modular premium partition, which is widely preferred for its versatile design that allows flexibility.

Manufactured out of environmentally conducive sources such as glass and aluminium, our flawless modular walls come in varying dimensions to ensure they blend into your design preferences as well as perfectly complementing the furniture applications manufactured by other brands.

To ice the cake, the dividers are made in such a way that they can easily be demounted, re-cut or relocated without the risk of damage and hence, makes them reusable.

Such a special feat is hardly achievable with a number of traditional drywall or any other such like products from office supply stores.



All our office partitions are crafted in standard heights of about 8 to 12 feet. On the other hand, the widths come ranging from as wide as 12-inches all the way up to 48-inches for larger applications.

However, we also provide customized sizes according to the preferences of our clients. With each wall measuring 4 inches in thickness – inclusive of the open wall gaps and cavities – you can be guaranteed of seamless installation of HVAC ducting, data cables and other electrical appliances.

If you are in the market for stylish modular walls which are replete with various surface colors and materials, then no doubt A&G products are what you are seeking for.

We offer a wide range of specialized products to aptly suit your partitioning needs. We are experts in fixing glass panels, veneer, tack board as well as white boards. Moreover, our ceiling and wall starts are powder coated to enhance longevity.

In a nutshell, tack board remains one of our most popular products we offer in office partitions since among other features, it has provisions that allows paper to be mounted on the wall using fasteners and pins. It also can be washed easily through mere application of water.

That’s what makes Innovative Aluminum and Glass the most sought-after companies in provision of modular walls in Ryde and its environs. Contact us for more information.

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