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Office Glass Partition Walls


Are looking for ideas that you can use to partition your office? Well, the world is evolving, and there are various elegant ways that you can adopt so as to partition your office. Unlike before where people used bricks and mortars based, you can use either glass or aluminum partitions.


A lot of people have not yet embraced the new partitioning ideas, but there are various benefits associated with it such as adding a touch of elegance and efficiency as well.


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glazed partition walls for modern office design

Benefits of Aluminium and Glass Partitions


  • Saves cost

The use of glass allows in enough natural light such that you don’t require to use artificial lighting hence this helps you save electricity bills in return.


  • Efficiency

The new models of partitions also give you the opportunity to choose the design or type of partition you wish to install in your office.


  • Easy to install

With these partitions, you will not be required to undo the entire room or tamper with the wall as they are easy to install and take less time as compared to using bricks for partitioning.



What are some of styles and designs of partitions to use?


  • Frameless glass walls

Are you looking for a unique, elegant glass partition for your office? Then consider having glass walls which do not have frames as they have a striking look.


  • Framed glass

The other design to consider having for your office partition is the mounted partitions. The barriers offer openness and are suitable for a board room area.


  • Semi-frameless glass

These are glass partitions that are installed without frames but are quite high as well.


  • Skirting

Are you looking for glass partitions which have a clear appearance, then this is the best option for you.


  • Frameless glass doors

Frameless glass doors are the replacements for the wooden ones as they are elegant and more appropriate for the offices especially if you have clients coming in often.


  • Plaster board.

This is the best option for those looking for simple yet modern types of partitions.



Designs of Glass Partitions


  • Small glass partitions

These are ideal for small companies who require partitions for creating shelves and still maintain the initial look of the office.


  • Tinted or logo printed

These types of partitions are great especially when one want to stick a logo as it is easy to stick and be peeled off the glass wall too.


  • Frosted or clear glass fit-outs

You can either choose to use frosted and clear glass partitions depending on your preferences for example if you need privacy consider using frosted and for those who want to have openness consider using clear glass.



Features of a Good Partition


  • Durable

When selecting your office partition is careful so as to choose the one of high quality. You can ask for help from a parson who has used the partitions before on the best choice for you.


  • Easy to install

Ensure the partition you select is easy to install so as to avoid inconveniencing the workers. Make sure that you select a company that has enough skills on partitions installations to achieve this.


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