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Aluminium & Glass Partitions for Offices


When people think of office partitions they often think of small, cage like cubicles. They think of bland, tiny spaces that are confined and prison like. Long gone are the days of boring claustrophobic work spaces.

We are Innovative Aluminum & Glass and we have changed the look and feel of office partitions. Our partitions are unique. They are both functional and stylish.

At Innovative Aluminum & Glass we think partitions should be both stylish and functional. We also believe that employees need room to work and breath.

Our office partitions are not terribly small and confined like the old style partitions were, but they are still small enough to maximize office space. They use a small amount of floor space but still manage to look and feel open and spacious.

Our glass partitions are a best seller. They are sleek and airy. Light comes through the walls making the work space feel open. We offer frosted glass designs that allow for employee privacy. We also offer logo designs that can be etched right into the glass.

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clean modern glass office fitout design

Our partitions are available in many sizes. We offer several different heights, widths, and lengths. We can customize to meet your specific needs. Our partitions come in several colors, and can be made from glass, aluminum, white board, cork board, and more.

Our partitions can include shelves to make the space go even farther. With shelves employees can create an organized work space within their partition as if it were a full office. Do you have a design idea in mind? We’d love to help you turn your design ideas into reality.

At Innovative Aluminum & Glass we take pride in our work. All of our products are top quality and made from high quality materials. Our doors, locks, handles, shelves, skirting and partition walls are guaranteed to last.

We help you to give your employees work spaces that they love while making the most of the space you have. We can create partitions for your office that match your d├ęcor and office theme. We can work with your existing color scheme too. Even our glass partitions can be tinted to almost any color. There’s not a lot we can’t do!

If you’re interested in any of our products please feel free to give us a call. We offer customization if your needs are specific. We can create partitions that work around water pipes, electrical cords, etc.

We can create nearly any size partitions to maximize the space in your office. We would love for you too look at our catalogue. There you will find our complete line of products and fixtures.

We offer same day free estimates and competitive price. We don’t charge an arm and a leg like many other partition designers do. We can work with any budget and offer several payment options. Our staff is always helpful and friendly. Our partitions are easy to set up and move around. You can’t go wrong with our unique designs and styles. We look forward to hearing from you!

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