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How Glass Partitions Could Help Your Sydney Based Business


Over the last twenty years, there have been some major changes to the way we perceive and treat Sydney corporate environments. With the average job now taking up a third of a lifetime, it makes sense to focus on well being within the workplace.


For many companies in Sydney, there has been a shift from productivity at all costs to organic, sustainable efficiency and employee satisfaction. Décor and office design is a big part of this. Everything from colors to natural light, empty space, and the flow of movement can have a big impact on the way people feel at work.


glass partitioning an office space in World Square Sydney CBD


It is one of the reasons why open-plan offices are in vogue again. They were very common during the sixties and seventies before the ‘dog eat dog’ competition of the eighties developed.


Advances in technology and the increased accessibility of computing equipment meant that workplaces became closed off. Open plan layouts gave way to private booths and cubicles.


However, fluidity and flexibility are making a return. These days, you can create warm, cohesive environments, without sacrificing privacy and productivity.


With the use of glass partitions, for example, it’s possible to retain visibility and give individual employees the personal space they need to function.


The Benefits of Glass Partitions and Dividers


  • Increased Visibility


If you want to foster a sense of openness and transparency, a glass partition is a great way to do it. These sleek, elegant features muffle noise and create physical barriers, but they don’t cut employees off from the rest of the workplace.


dividing and making the most of your office space with glass walls and partitions


  • Fully Customizable


Glass is a surprisingly easy material to customise. It can be colored in a variety of ways. You can also engrave the company name or logo on its surface. There are multiple finishes available, so you can combine transparent sections with frosted or fully opaque pieces.


  • Low Maintenance


The typical glass partition is wonderfully easy to clean. This makes it a low maintenance choice, particularly for high traffic areas. Dirt, dust, grime, and stains can be wiped away in an instant. Even colored or specially treated glass requires minimal care.


  • Extremely Durable


If you plan to install a glass partition in your office, you might want to consider tempered products. This is glass that has been strengthened and made suitable for use in environments with lots of activity. It is not impossible to break, but it is highly unlikely if you’re following standard office routines.


  • Easy to Repair/Replace


Nevertheless, if your glass feature does break, chip, or crack, rest easy with the knowledge that repairs are simple and affordable. Glass is a very accessible resource. It tends not to be too expensive, and repair jobs are quick and economical.


Why You Should Invest in Custom Glass Partitions


There are many reasons why custom glass is great for corporate environments. It is sleek and stylish, without being over the top. You can use it to create very clean, minimalist interiors. It will also help you foster a sense of community without having to compromise on professionalism.

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