Regulating the room temperature in a space having French doors is quite challenging, especially when drafty. Generally, doors let out more air than windows.

Since French doors have more gaps and seams around them, they allow air through them. Thus, it’s necessary to ensure the doors have proper weatherstripping to keep your home warm during winter and cool during summer.

You can secure a room from weather elements by using different weatherstripping techniques. Here’s how to install weatherstripping in French doors.


aluminium french glass doors for the house


Step #1

Make any necessary adjustments to both door sections to ensure they’re properly aligned and secured on the frame. Doors may sag over time and allow air to escape.

If they’re sagging on any hinge, tighten the nails or screws as needed to secure the door tightly in place. In worst cases, you may have to reset loose hinges by shifting them to new locations on the frame.


Step #2

Mount weatherstripping foam (preferably a type with self-adhesive) around the framing where the door touches the frame.

Before mounting it, get rid of any old, gaping, or worn weatherstripping. Clean the frame with a rag and an all-purpose cleaning agent. Cut the weatherstripping to match the frame length at the top and sides.

Peel off the backing on the foam to expose the adhesive. Next, push the weatherstripping into the frame.

Rub the weatherstripping with your fingers to eliminate any bubbles. Next, open and shut the door severally to make sure that there are no more spaces between the frame and the door.


Step #3

Inspect the door seams for cracks. Also, inspect for cracks around the edges of the glass panel. The seal sitting between the glass and wood may wear over time. Fill any cracks with sufficient caulking. Allow the caulking to dry.


Step #4

Install insulated molding to close the space where the two sections of the French door meet. Nail the molding into one door section.

The molding should overlap the other section by half an inch. That way, the space will get sealed upon closing the door. When installing the molding, place nails after about every five inches. Apply wood putty on each nail head to cover them.

Next, sand the putty to give it a smooth finish. Paint the door and the molding to give it a finished look. You can paint it with a color of your choice or a color that will match with other home furnishings.


Step #5

Get some door sweeps and install them at the bottom section of the doors. To do this, first, remove one of the door sections off the hinges.

Set it on two sawhorses. Drill a sweep into the door such that its blade edge sits inside the door whereas the tube edge or drip sits outside.

Do the same for the other door section. Mount the doors back in place appropriately. The sweeps will seal the space between the floor and the doors.


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