When you are designing an office for your business or your storefront, you cannot forget the importance of using the right windows. There are so many options available in the market that you might want to think for a while on which option to choose.

We suggest that you place your bets on aluminium awning windows as they are quite useful and not too expensive. They are an investment that would pay off nicely if you know how to use them correctly to enhance the value of your business. Here’s a list of things you need to consider before you go out and buy them.


awning windows design


  • The Attractiveness: If you are spending your money to buy an awning window, you must consider this as an investment that increases the overall looks of your business. There are many colour and design options available in the market so you must remember to make sure that the windows suit the exterior of your building. Attractive, bright and eye-catching colours would make people curious about your brand and hence you will get a better brand image as well as an increase in walk-in customers.


  • The Weather Conditions: In case you have established your commercial space in a locality where the sun rays are the most brutal then you need to mention it to the manufacturer of awning windows. By doing that the manufacturer would suggest that you go in for UV protected glass. In contrast, if your business is near the beach, you should opt for the products that have the ability to seal up completely so that a rogue wave doesn’t enter your establishment. It’s always smart to go for products that offer protection from extreme weather conditions because global warming is getting worse and you need all the protection you can get.


  • Graphics: Apart from using varied eye catching designs and colours of the awning windows, you can also add graphics to them. The graphics must speak of and enhance your brand image. They should not be too bright or crude in any manner because these things put people off from a brand. Just go for simple graphics that speaks of your vision and mission visually.


  • Permanent or Retractable: There are two kinds of options available to every awning window buyer. Fixed ones, as the name suggests are a onetime investment. You just buy them once and they would last for years, even decades in some cases. In contrast, the retractable option is good for people looking for a temporary solution as they are less costly. A major side effect of the latter option is that they do not seal up completely and can let unwanted air, light or water in an establishment.


  • Air & Light Flow: If you own a retail shop where people can walk in and buy stuff then you need to make sure that the awning windows you have chosen give you complete control over the air flow and light passage. The clients should not feel suffocated and neither should the excess airflow bother them. Similarly, the light from the windows should highlight the best offerings of your shop so that people can be drawn towards them.


  • Budget: One thing we would like to add despite knowing that you will give it a lot of priority is the budget. You should always invest in a quality product even if it’s a bit out of your budget because it will ensure that you trust quality that lasts long. Always remember that cheap replacements don’t last long and they pose a threat to the well being of not only your employees but your clients as well.

So, it can be seen that you have total control over which window you need to install in your commercial space. You just need to review all the points mentioned here and then make a wise decision.