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Know About Frameless Glass Doors and Glass Curtains


Modern home and office design places a strong emphasis on minimalistic elegance. In an effort to keep up with this trend, many homeowners and businesses across the globe invest in glass curtains, or frameless glass doors, when enclosing a space. Glass curtains illuminate spaces with natural light and create a feeling of airiness without subjecting residents to unsavory environmental elements such as noise pollution, cold, wind, rain, and dust.


frameless glass curtains in a North Sydney office


The absence of side hinges between side panels enhances the aesthetics of frameless glass doors. Homeowners and apartment dwellers have the luxury of enjoying an unobstructed view of the outdoors even when the doors are closed. Traditional bi-folding doors require side hinges for functionality. In contrast, glass curtains operate with a slide and turn system consisting of an aluminum rail and individual doors that pivot and stack to the side. This system allows the doors to function without a frame.


Homeowners have the option of installing double glazed or single glazed frameless glass doors. Double glazed frameless glass doors provide the insulation necessary to be used as a patio door. Since they lack the insulation properties necessary to serve as patio doors, single glazed frameless glass doors are better suited for use as interior glass partitions or frameless glass enclosures for balconies, cabanas, or terraces.


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Understandably, individuals in the market for glass curtains question their security. This depends entirely on the quality of the initial installation. Homeowners should hire qualified installers instead of resorting to doing it themselves. Professional installers possess the appropriate skills and experience to optimize the security of frameless glass doors.


While the installation of glass curtains costs more than traditional bi-folding doors, the initial investment yields higher property valuation and energy efficiency. What a homeowner gains in equity and saves on their electric bill is certainly worth paying a little more for.

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