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Why Louvre Windows are perfect for High-Rise Buildings in Sydney?

Thinking of adding a few Louvre windows to your high rise apartment in Sydney? If so then you are on the right track. They are a great option for every person who lives in a high-rise building and is looking to add windows that would last long and make their homes look more beautiful.

Apart from looking pretty and lasting for years, here are some other reasons on why an adding Louvre window in Sydney to a high rise apartment is an awesome idea.


louvre windows


Air Flow

Louvre windows are great for maximizing the air flow in an apartment that rarely gets fresh air. Opening these windows to get some fresh air would not only make you feel healthier but it would also ensure that the home doesn’t feel too closed up.


Energy Usage

When you use these windows, you will reduce the energy bills of your home as these windows give you total control over trapping the air from the air conditioner in summers and keeping the room heated in the winters. No leaks are allowed.


Floor to Ceiling Look

If you wish to install windows that can be installed from floor to ceiling then Louvre windows can be a good option. This method would make your home look ultra modern and you will have the bird-eye view of the city if you live on the topmost floors of a high rise building.



These windows are very safe. They can’t be broken easily and they can be attached to your home security system. You can even add an extra security glass to these windows to ensure no one uses them to enter your home.


Less Sound

Louvre windows are also renowned for reducing the city noises. If you wish to feel isolated from the world and seek some peace, you can shut the windows and the outside noise level would reduce considerably even if you live in a highly populated area like Sydney.


Automation Features

Some Louvre windows have a special feature. They have rain sensors which allow them to close up when it’s raining outside. This is a cool option for people who have the habit to forgetting to close the windows or those people who like to enjoy a deep sleep while keeping the windows partially open at night.



These windows are very sturdy. Some of them come with a bushfire rating that will prevent you and your loved ones in cases of fire. They are also available with bullet proof, explosion proof, and disaster-proof glass. The more you spend the higher security you get. If you wish for sturdiness without spending a lot of money, go for aluminium Louvre windows in Sydney.



You wouldn’t want the rain to enter your home through the side panels of the windows, would you? Don’t worry it won’t be the case with Louvre windows. These windows are designed in such a manner that when they are installed right, not even a bit of water would be allowed to enter your home through it.

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