Many people think that securing a sliding door is a complicated task. The fact is, it can be one of the easiest tasks if you do it right. You just need to ensure that you make a sliding door more secure by following the steps mentioned below.

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Check the Lock

Every sliding door comes to you with an existing lock that is usually found in the handle. You just need to make sure that you test this lock from time to time. You can do the testing by locking the door and trying to pull it open by force. If the door doesn’t open but moves, there’s a danger sign for you.

You need to quickly check whether the latch is coming away from the frame or the latch is not catching properly. Once you know the problem, call an expert to get it fixed.


Install an Additional Lock

Adding additional locks may cost you a few dollars but the peace of mind it brings in would be priceless. It would be a good idea to install a slide-locking bar which is almost always a thick metal bar or a wood dowel.

When you are going out of the home or sleeping, you just need to fit the metal bar or dowel into the track. This lock offers protection even when the inbuilt lock is not functioning right.


Keep it Rolling

We all know that these doors take help of plastic rollers to move forward and backward. In case the rollers are not working properly, you need to clean them and ensure that they are rolling fine afterwards. If cleaning gets you no result, feel the rollers & tracks and adjust their size if you have that option.

If not, you might want to look for damage. If there is even a little bit of damage, get them replaced. Remember that if they are not right, the door can be easily lifted from the racks.


More Lock Options

If you live in an area where you feel vulnerable to attacks, you need to go and find yourself a commercial locking system as they are much safer. You can also try simple key and lock if you can’t afford the high-tech locks.

In contrast, if you like modern options you can go for audible alarms that are battery powered and not too expensive.


Make it a part of the Home Alarm System

Most people have a nice home alarm system, but they forget to cover all the vulnerable places. You must not make this mistake. Never forget to wire any point of the sliding door to ensure that it’s connected to the home alarm system.

It will help you to hear a loud alarm when someone tries to break in. If you are not at home when the break-in attempt occurs, your neighbours would certainly hear it.


Glass Sensors

The glass of a sliding door is not a vulnerable point anymore. You can opt for hard to break glass options while buying the door.

You can also choose to install glass break sensors to ensure that you become aware if someone tries to break the glass to enter your home.

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