Aluminium louvre windows are a major component of most Australian homes. Their function and design continue to evolve. Today, you can find a wide selection of modern louvre window designs from Innovative Aluminium & Glass.

The company offers louvres that are weatherproof, made from top quality materials, and easy to operate. The windows are ideal for installation in both classic and contemporary homes.


aluminium louvre window system


Here are the main reasons that make louvre windows popular in most renovation and home building projects.



One of the main benefits of louvres is that they enhance airflow in a room. Louvres offer more effective ventilation than regular styles of windows.

They facilitate consistent airflow in a room, thereby making the interior space comfortable, healthy, and cool. Unlike awning or casement windows, louvres aren’t affected by wind direction.

Also, you can have them installed at the desired height, even higher in the wall. They’re operated either manually or motorized.

You can operate them with a remote control or automated with sensors, especially when installed high in the wall.


Energy Efficiency

Besides being an attractive type of windows, louvres also assist in reducing energy consumption in a home. They’re an economic alternative to the power-hungry fans installed in laundry rooms and bathrooms to get rid of steamy air.

Louvres are great in reducing the buildup of moisture in the laundry room or bathroom. You can also use them across your home to enhance airflow and ventilation, thereby reducing the need to use air conditioning and fans.

Innovative Aluminium & Glass offers customized louvre windows. They can be made using low-E or toned glass for enhanced energy efficiency.

Low-E glazing works by preventing heat from escaping during winter and minimizing the entry of heat during summer. As such, they reduce over reliance on artificial heating and cooling systems. Consequently, you’ll enjoy reduced energy costs.


Natural Light

You can take advantage of louvres to control the amount of light entering your home. They flood a room with light when opened completely or when using louvres made of clear glass.

Also, you can go for energy-efficient louvres featuring colored or frosted glass to reduce the amount of heat and light entering your home.


Easy Cleaning

It’s easy to maintain and clean louvre windows. You can clean them from within your house. Thus, you won’t have to climb ladders when cleaning windows on higher stories.



Another reason that makes these windows popular is that they add privacy. For instance, louvres with colored or frosted glass are ideal for controlling privacy.

You can tilt them at an angle to maintain while still allowing for ventilation. Thus, they’re suitable for spaces where maximum privacy is required such as the bedroom and bathroom.



Modern louvres are sleek and stylish. They’re available in a wide range of blades including aluminium, timber, or glass. Frames can be painted in any preferred color to blend into any ambience or décor.



Traditional louvres were made for aesthetics and ventilation. Their design couldn’t keep intruders away. Today, you can find more secure louvres.

Innovative Aluminium & Glass designs louvre windows with an optional locking mechanism for enhanced security. You can add security screens on the lower section of a louvre window for maximum security without affecting views.


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