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Why Must You Never Install the Sliding Doors Yourself?

Many people have a lot of fondness for the do-it-yourself idea. While it is a smart idea to do configuration of things like a microwave or a refrigerator yourself, it’s not a smart idea to try to install the heavy duty and expensive products like sliding glass doors all by yourself.

There are serious side effects of installing a sliding door yourself that can do you more harm than good. Here’s a list of things that can go wrong when you try to install the door yourself.


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  1. The Wrong Side

As the sliding doors often looks the same from the front and back, people make the mistake of putting the door backward. Yes, it may seem funny but the costs associated with re-installing the doors can make you cry too.

It’s better to pay a professional to install the door rather than paying the same person more for ejecting the backward placed door and then installing it correctly, won’t you agree?


  1. Extra Power Bills

Most of the doors come with a special technology that prevents cold and hot air to enter your home unless you want it too. This technology keeps your power bills low by providing you the opportunity to trap the air from an air conditioner or a heater.

But if you have not installed the door right, the technology would be useless and your power bills may go up in the future.


  1. Health Hazard

Installing a large sliding door all by yourself when you can barely carry it straight is a serious health hazard. You may accidentally hurt yourself and may even need to visit the ER if you have a serious problem like a deep cut that won’t stop bleeding.

Apart from the probability of you hurting yourself, the glass door installation can also harm the health of you and your loved ones by letting the mould grow if it is not properly installed. Mould is one of the worst problems that can occur due to the improper installation of a door as it endangers the well being of you and your loved ones.


  1. The Bad Sounds

No one likes a door that squeaks, rattles or is hard to operate. All these things may happen when you try to install the door yourself and you don’t fix the rollers right or keep a screw loose accidentally.

In contrast, if you hire a professional installer, he would not only install the door properly but will fix it if the door is making any noise or giving you any trouble. They would even not change extra for the repeat visit.


  1. The Vulnerable Glass

Though most of the glass doors have a solid glass placed within the frame that is hard to break and bushfire resistant but accidents can happen and you may break the glass while installing the door. This will cost you a lot of money as making a customized glass that fits the frame or repairing the minor problems is not cost effective at all.

On the contrary, if a professional installer breaks the glass accidentally, you won’t have to pay them a single extra cent and the glass will be aptly replaced.


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