Double Hung windows are in vogue these days but that doesn’t mean you have to just go out and buy them. You need to know about them first so that you can decide how many of these windows you want and where do you want them.

We know that finding all information on a product can be very time-consuming and hence we have mentioned all the vital aspects of these windows in this article. Do have a look.




The Meaning and the Options

Let’s start with the basics. Double hung windows are windows that can be opened both ways, either from the top or from the bottom. When opened from the top, they will slide downward and when opened from the bottom, they will slide upwards. These are also tiltable which makes it easier to clean them from the inside of your home and negate the need to do the cleaning from the outside.

You can easily buy a customized double hung window in Sydney. While doing so, you will get the option of choosing the exterior & interior colours, grid styles, grid patterns and hardware finishes.


Why are Double Hung Windows so popular?

There are many benefits of buying these windows. The first is that they are easy to maintain as you can clean them within a few minutes. They are also great for maintaining the airflow in the room where they are placed which gives you better control.

These windows are also suitable for any and all type of properties that include but are not limited to a cottage, farmhouse, ranch, etc.


Where to put up a Double Hung Window?

These windows are a great option for putting in your kids’ room as your kids won’t be able to crawl through it if you keep the bottom end closed. These windows are also amazing to place in rooms where you wish to enjoy the outside views, such as the kitchen or the living area as they provide a great view  from the inside of your home.

You should also remember that these windows must be put only in areas where you can easily reach the top. So placing them in a room with a high-ceiling is not a good idea.


Amazing Fact

Before you buy a double hung window, you might want to know that it was the British who introduced these windows to the world. They introduced it to the colonies. Earlier, these windows had shutters and moulding but it’s not the trend anymore.

Now, if you have decided to purchase these windows then it’s highly recommended that you buy them from a local seller who can design the windows for your home needs without costing you an arm or a leg for it. It would also be a smart idea to get the windows installed by the seller only and not do it yourself as it can be a tricky job.


Aluminium Double Hung Windows in Sydney

Our company provides aluminium and glass double hung windows in Sydney NSW. Get in touch with our team for a free quote. You may also visit this page for additional details.

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