Wondering whether double hung window systems are the right choice for installation in your home? Simply weigh their benefits and shortcomings to make a more informed decision.

To date, these windows are extremely popular among most homeowners. Their enhanced ventilation, wide views, and ease of operation makes them an excellent choice for installation in most rooms.

However, every type of window comes with its own shortcomings. Regardless of any shortcomings, your ultimate choice will depend on your preferences.

Here are some benefits and shortcomings of double hung style of windows.

floor to ceiling double hung windows



Double hung style of windows are a preferred choice for installation in many homes. Their popularity is still growing, thanks to their numerous benefits. Here are some of their main benefits:

  1. Ventilation

One of the main benefits of these windows is that they allow for enhanced ventilation in a room. Also, you can control the amount of airflow you want in the room.

You’ll simply slide the bottom sash upward and the upper sash downward to allow fresh air into the room. The windows are easy to open and close. Besides, they work well with air conditioning units.


  1. Energy efficiency

Everyone prefers installing windows that can assist in making significant energy savings. Luckily, double hung window systems have a high energy efficient rating.

Their double locking design makes them have a tight seal against weather elements. Their enhanced ventilation makes it possible to allow fresh air into the room during a hot day and when closed, cold air is kept out during colder days.

As a result, you won’t over-rely on electrical cooling and heating systems. Besides, you can take advantage of extra features such as fiberglass or low-E glazing for enhanced energy efficiency and strength.


  1. Easy to clean

The versatility behind double hung window systems makes them easy to clean. All you need to do is to tilt each sash to wipe it on both sides. Besides, you can clean them from within your house.

This makes it easy and safe to clean windows located on higher stories of a building. In this case, you won’t have to climb a ladder when cleaning the exterior surface of the glass on higher stories.

To learn about more advantages of double hung windows, read Benefits of Installing Double Hung Windows.



Every type of window comes with its own shortcomings. Although double hung type of windows are solid, there are certain reasons why they might not be the right choice for installation in a certain room or your entire home. Here are some of their shortcomings:


  1. Air leakage

One of the biggest shortcomings of these windows is that they aren’t as tightly sealed as casement windows. Thus, they may require weatherstripping during winter to ensure that pests and cold air don’t enter the house.

While weatherstripping will assist in sealing the windows for some time, you’ll need to replace it regularly once it wears out.


  1. Maintenance

These windows require regular dusting and cleaning to keep them in their best shape. Also, the pulley mechanism and locks require regular lubrication to prevent them from rusting or stiffening.

Modern options may not require a lot of maintenance, especially those that come with fiberglass or vinyl frames.

Regardless, they also require more regular maintenance than picture and single hung window systems.


  1. Cost

The design behind these windows makes them more expensive. For instance, they come with two fully operable sashes.

Thus, they comprise of more mechanical components and a more complex design than other styles of windows. As a result, they’re more expensive than some styles of windows such as single hung window systems.


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