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Aluminium Windows 2nd Hand | Aluminum 3D Model

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A Guide on Replacing Aluminum Windows

You might be confused when trying to replace your aluminum windows. This task seems quite difficult to some homeowners. This article talks about how to replace these windows and once you read the entire article, you will gain more knowledge on how to go about it.

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It is obvious that when you need to replace your window, you should start with looking for an ideal replacement window. This should be the first step before you even remove the existing one. If the replacement window has a heavier frame, ensure that the support material will be strong enough to support it. You should also ensure that you have taken the right and accurate measurements of the existing space to install it before making an order for a new one.


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Once you have the window on site, start removing the existing one. You should unscrew the existing casement and remove the existing glass before removing the frame. Ensure you don’t break the glass and be careful not to injure yourself.

In case the glass breaks accidentally, always remember that safety should come first. Wear safety goggles for protection and use some safety gloves when handling broken glass. You can vacuum the tiny pieces that cannot be collected.


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Once you are done removing the glass, unscrew the window frame. You can make use of a hacksaw to remove sections of the frame and avoid bending them unnecessarily since it might become more challenging to remove them once bent.

Finally, clear any remaining debris. Any damages on the sidings that may have been caused when replacing the frame should be repaired.

Aluminium windows are usually costly. It is therefore recommended that you can try as much to recycle them or alternatively resell them to metal stores rather than throwing them away. You might end up making some good money from them and top it up to buy new windows. You can as well give them to someone who might need them to use in their office or house.


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You may also look for a professional to assist you in the replacement process. If you might not be able to do it on your own, then it is advisable to hire an expert and avoid making mistakes.