No matter how much money you spend on choosing stuff for your home, the harsh reality is that things get old with time and they start giving you problems. One such thing is your home windows that do start showing signs of wear and tear after some time.

But you should know that wear and tear doesn’t always mean that you would have to replace them. Sometimes, just minor repairs would make them as good as new. Here are a few suggestions on when you should repair and when you must replace your bifold windows.


Repairs Are Essential When:

  • You are dealing with simple problems like chipping of the paint or the deterioration of caulk. You can spend a few bucks to get it fixed or even do it yourself in most cases.
  • A part of the bi fold window has a cracked glass. You can easily get it repaired or DIY too in a short amount of time. This might seem a troublesome chore but it will be worth it to see that each of your windows is flawless.
  • The manufacturers made a mistake and the warranty period is not over. Repairs in such cases won’t even cost you a single dollar.
  • You have money problems and you can’t shell out enough to get the replacement done.
  • You are planning to move out of the home soon and don’t want to bother spending more money than absolutely necessary.
  • Your bifold windows are custom made and changing them would ruin the entire home décor.


Replacements Become A Mandatory Thing When:

  • Your windows are no longer energy efficient. They are letting the hot or cold air out of the house and increasing the power bills.
  • The security of your house is at risk as any window can be easily broken from the outside due to its old and rotting panels.
  • You wish to change the entire look of your home either for your own happiness or for reselling purposes.
  • The bifold windows make an unusual amount of sound and the repair is not doing any good.
  • The bifold windows are within an easy reach of your crawling baby and you won’t want to risk the baby falling out when you are not paying enough attention.


We hope that the lists we have prepared here would help you in making your house perfect and save you some bucks. Here’s an add-on tip from Indigo Construction, if you are not sure whether you need to replace or repair as the costs are almost same in some cases then we suggest that you call in an expert to consult.

Most experts would offer the first consultation for free or for a minor fee and save you from a headache.

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