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A Short Guide On Room Dividers And Glass Partitions


When it comes to dividing your living space, the most popular option is a retractable glass room divider. This divider works to give you a clear view of your space while giving you a sense of privacy. Being fully retractable makes this divider a very practical and unique addition to any home.


double glazed glass partitioning system


For years the room divider market has been overwhelmed with wooden room dividers. These wooden dividers originated in the far east, where they are more commonly used. But the frameless glass partition has worked to put a modern twist on the popular showroom piece.


During the twenty-first many homeowners had conservatories, which is very similar to a greenhouse, built into their homes. Since these rooms were built into the house without doors, the need for room dividers rose. While old-school wooden room dividers are good insulators their glass counterparts are better.


Glass room dividers give you the ability to create new rooms, which also works to increase the amount of privacy that you can enjoy in your homes. Since they are fully retractable, the dividers will give you more control over your house. Like bi-folding doors, and folding sliding doors, the retractable room partition can be fully open, fully closed, or be left partially open.


Glass room dividers are made out of single glazed panels of glass. These glass panels are created out of toughened 10mm glass which makes it perfect for inside use. However, the double glazed frameless glass door which was released in April 2010, can be used in both external and internal glass additions.


Single Glazed Partition with full height lockable door


This makes it as universal as the bi-folding aluminum or UPVC door, but this option os completely frameless. The U-values can also be lowered to help with insulation since the glass works as a better insulator than all the aluminium options out there.


The room divider was also known as the glass curtain but has recently been renamed as the Frameless Glass Door. This innovative new product is projected to dominate the room partition market in no time.


The room divider is available with a single glazed option and a double glazed version. Over the years, the double glazed frameless glass door has been tried but it was never a successful option. As time goes on, double glazed frameless glass door will become an industry standard; which means that every household will have a fully retractable frameless glass door system.