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Double Hung Window Diagram | Double Hung Window Drawing Sydney

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Go Green with Double Hung Window and Sash Replacements

Although double hung windows are seen as an old style, they are new again. Also known as sash windows, they are some of the oldest designs in the window industry.

They are more energy efficient than other windows due to their advanced thermodynamic ventilation features. Today’s homeowners are energy conscious.

This means that homeowners are now more conscious of making environment friendly savings. Traditionally, these windows used a pulley and weight system. Modern versions rely on spring balances as a replacement to older techniques.

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But how do these windows work? These windows open and close vertically. They have two sashes that slide upwards and downwards. Both bottom and top sashes are movable and operate independently. For instance, you can simply open one sash while keeping the other sash closed. This depends on the airflow you desire in your house.

double hung window egress size

Why is this important? During warm summer days, air is generally hotter. Basically, cold air tends to sink while hot air tends to rise. If you open both sashes, warm air will escape from your home through the top sash while cooler air will enter into your home through the bottom sash.

This means that these windows reduce the overall costs of cooling a home during summer. During winter, the days tend to be darker and shorter. These tall, beautiful windows are beneficial during winter for they allow maximum amount of natural light to enter a home.

These windows do not use the outdoor space whenever you open them. Hence, they are ideal for garden patios, porches, walkways, and any other spaces that have limited space or area used as walkways.

double hung window efficiency

There are many more benefits of replacing your windows with sash ones. These benefits include but are not limited to:

  1. Ease of Cleaning. You can easily clean both sashes since they tilt. This means you can clean the outer side without going outside.
  2. Economical. When you buy the type that comes with Low-E4 high performance glass, you will experience reduced water spots and this will reduce your water consumption. This will have a positive impact on the environment. Since they are often used in areas that are relatively hard to access, they will rarely demand upgrading. This makes them economical in the long run.
  3. Convenience. These windows offer a lot of convenience such that you can choose to open the top pane only to prevent excess wind from interfering with your comfort. You can also decide to open both sashes for balanced and enhanced ventilation.
  4. Safety. You can open the upper sash to allow for ventilation and ensure the lower sash remains closed as an extra safety measure in case you have toddlers at home.
  5. Beauty. These windows maintain the existing look of a home while adding new classic beauty to both the interior and exterior of a home. You can search for the types that come with different finishes from those in your house or you can choose to maintain the exterior look.

double hung window dimensions

There are some manufacturers who offer multiple color combinations that can allow you to change colors on the windows as you like. They can also come as single units, one fixed sash, insulated window, or a double unit.

Their style can be artistic, contemporary, traditional or any other style. You can always find a style to suit your needs from the almost limitless design options available.

As you shop for replacement windows, always go for those made of high performance materials. The main reasons why most people replace their windows is mainly due to problems such as difficulties in opening and closing or rotting of wood.

Composite materials made of a binder, wood, and vinyl resist rot and offer similar look to that of wood without demanding a lot of maintenance. Another option you can consider are the fiberglass frames. They do not rot but are more expensive that wood.

With all the convenience, energy efficiency and charm of these windows, no other option can easily beat all that. These windows are still one of the most widely used types and they boast as the most attractive green choice. Go here to learn more: