Aluminium & Glass Sliding Doors Prices

Aluminium sliding doors in Sydney offer a reliable space-saving solution in interior spaces where swinging doors would create an obstacle.

What’s the cost of internal/interior sliding doors? Their cost depends on certain factors such as the material used, ease of use, and ease of installation.

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Here are more details about the costs and types of interior sliding doors.


6 panel triple track aluminium sliding doors for the patio


Styles and Types of Glass Sliding Doors

Most people think of these doors as a single door configuration that slides along a track. Once you start looking for quotes, you’ll realize that these doors include several related doors such as:

  • Bifold doors
  • Concertina doors
  • Pocket doors, which open along a track set internally in wall claddings
  • Doors designed to slide on a track that is set externally

Bifold doors feature groups or pairs of doors designed to fold on each other when open. Concertina doors accordion or fold back when opening them and are typically made using a soft material.

Pocket doors only come with a track at the top and some feature a more complex tracking system. Doors designed to slide on a track set externally come with a track on the top or both the bottom and the top.

You can as well choose sliding doors made of glass, especially for use in the patio. They’re also ideal for use as interior doors. These doors are also great from use in small bedrooms.

You can combine them with curtains to add privacy. You can make your bedroom look and feel larger by opening the curtains. These doors also make it effortless to access the adjoining room directly.


What’s The Cost of Interior Sliding Doors?

Concertina doors cost below $100 for do-it-yourself installation. More sophisticated configurations are quite costly for professional installation.

Inexpensive concertina doors are great for installation in laundry rooms but not suitable for installation in rooms with privacy and style concerns.

Sliding doors that slide along an external tracking system are inexpensive and great for do-it-yourself installation. Doors featuring a hollow core and an exposed track are the most inexpensive option.

Doors made of solid timber are more expensive and have a sophisticated track mechanism and a pelmet for hiding the track.

In case you’re building a new home, pocket doors will be a great choice. You can choose pocket doors before a builder starts constructing the interior walls.

You can design the walls in such a way that the door track will be housed in the walls for easier installation of the doors.

If you’re doing a home renovation, the existing cladding will be removed and the wall will be modified before installing pocket doors.

Modifying the wall may be costlier than buying the doors.

Although bifolding doors are costlier than pocket sliding doors, they’re more affordable to install when doing a renovation.

Stock bifold doors cost below $200 while custom bifold doors made of timber would cost thousands.

You can also consider aluminium and UPVC bifold doors. The cost of aluminium doors is less or almost similar to that of solid timber doors.

UPVC bifolding doors are more affordable than aluminium and timber doors and are available in stylish designs and colors.

Bifolding doors are ideal for installation in a home with an open interior design. That way, you can open up or close off larger areas as needed.


How to Choose Sliding Doors

Doors can make a huge difference, both practically and aesthetically. Although concertina doors tend to be inexpensive, they’re not suitable for use in certain areas.

Sliding doors that feature an external track system are a good option, it’s advisable to spend more of your money on high-grade doors, a more stylish pelmet, and a better track system.

In case you’d want the door to open up over a wider area but the available wall space may not allow for the installation of sliding doors, then you should consider bifold doors.

You can save money by choosing doors with stock sizes. Some suppliers make custom doors depending on your specifications. However, custom sliding doors are more expensive than standard designs.


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