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How to Style Your Home with Elegant French Doors

Doors are used in virtually all homes to link one room to another. They are also used to add style to a home. If you are a homemaker who appreciates the functionality of doors, then you should include doors when coming up with a decorative strategy.

Many people tend to forget the big role that doors play in decorating a home. There are many elegant door styles that can make your home have an inspiring look and enhanced beauty.

Here are some practical tips that can assist you when redecorating and styling your home using elegant French doors.


kitchen with french doors to patio


Basics of French Doors

These are simply a double-hinged type of doors, meaning that they are made up of two sides, whereby each side has its own hinges and they do not have a central mullion. This assists in making it possible to open the two sides simultaneously.

These doors open up wide and make a room more airy. In some instances, one panel is kept locked using a locking mechanism known as espagnolette bolt. This locking mechanism leaves one panel for regular use as the exit or entry while the other side remains closed.

Another characteristic that defines them is an ornate molding at the bottom panel. The door’s rim is also another characteristic of these doors.


french doors leading to deck


How to Use French Doors to Style Your Home

  1. Arrange the decorations near natural light. One of the most outstanding features of these doors is that they allow for maximum natural light to diffuse into an expansive space. However, this tends to challenging in tighter spaces when using normal doors. Natural light is a basis for lighting up a room when designing the space. Hence, in smaller rooms, you can use these doors to lighten up the room rather than using regular doors.
  2. Choose complimentary wallpapers. Ornate textures and patterns blend well with these doors. These doors already come with ornate patterns and you can find wallpaper patterns and textures to match with the existing ornate patterns. You may use such patterns on the specific wall that houses the door. This gives the wall a fluidity feeling, and this creates a large decorative effect.
  3. Molding compilation. These doors can be accentuated further by using customized molds on them. For instance, if you’ve bought the doors from an auction or an antique shop, buy you don’t like their pattern, you can use custom moldings to enhance their look. Elaborate patterns will enhance any natural lines that come with these doors. This will make them look more streamlined and decorative.
  4. Textures and paint styles. Styling these doors by experimenting with different painting styles is an inexpensive technique of styling and decorating your home. You can simply paint the three walls that face the door wall using a pale color palette and paint the wall housing the door with a vibrant style. You may also add textures if you want to enhance the natural texture of the door.

With these tips in mind, it will be easier to style your home with French doors while remaining functional. Click here for more details on our Sydney french doors:

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