Residential areas are becoming denser over time. Also, most people prefer living closer to urban areas. Thus, it becomes extremely necessary to add privacy in the little available space.

While it’s possible to use natural elements such as trees and plants to add privacy around your home, they’ll take several years to mature and work as reliable privacy screens. Thus, it’s important to invest in a solution that can offer instant privacy.

Luckily, you can take advantage of outdoor louvres to offer instant privacy around your home. Besides, they’re attractive. Here’s everything you should know about outdoor louvres.

outdoor aluminium and glass louvre ideas


The Basics of Outdoor Louvres

Basically, outdoor louvres can be described as louvres installed around a desired outdoor area or outside a building to enclose it semi-permanently. The louvres come in a wide range of sizes to choose from.

They can be installed as operable screens to make it possible to open and close them as needed. Also, they can be installed as fixed screens to offer full privacy without being opened.

Most louvres are made of aluminium. Aluminium is highly preferred in making them since it’s able to withstand weather elements. It doesn’t get damaged easily when used outdoors.

Also, aluminium doesn’t demand a lot of maintenance. You can also choose timber louvres for a more traditional and natural look.

They’re also available in several color choices. Thus, you can choose a color that will match with your patio, house, or anywhere you’d want to install them.


Adding Privacy with Outdoor Louvres

Regardless of whether you want to install operable or fixed outdoor louvres around your home or entertainment area, they’ll offer the much-needed privacy.

Traditionally, louvres are fitted on the exterior of doors and windows to allow for ventilation, light, and privacy. They’re also an attractive method of screening a door or window.

You can as well use louvres to enclose any preferred outdoor area where you’d want to add privacy. The most ideal outdoor areas for creating privacy with louvres include the outdoor dining area, balcony, veranda, patio, gazebo, and outdoor entertainment areas among other areas.

Installing louvres makes it possible to enjoy sufficient light and ventilation in the enclosed space while still being safe from any prying eyes.

If the louvres are fixed, they’ll allow for maximum privacy. However, if you want to have more control over the louvres, you can install operable louvres.

Operable louvres are controlled either manually or through a motorized mechanism. If you choose operable louvres, you’ll be able to open or close them as desired.

For instance, whenever you’re not concerned about privacy, you can keep them open to allow sunlight and fresh air into the space.

Also, you can close them any time you want to enjoy some privacy. Besides, you can choose to angle them in such a way that they’ll allow sunlight and air into the space while still allowing from some privacy.

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