Aluminium bifold doors stand out for their simple installation. Their space-saving design makes them popular for use as closet doors. A typical closet bifold door comprises of two sets of doors.

Each set has two hinged panels that open by folding on each other. Thus, the doors cover a wider closet opening without taking up a lot of space in the bedroom. If your closet has a small opening, then you can install one bifold door.

modern aluminium bifold doors installation

A bifold door with two panels usually pivots on a set of pins fitted within each corner of the panel closest to the door side jamb. The other door panel is fitted with a guide in its topmost corner.

The top jamb has a track fitted in it along which the guide slides. Both panels are connected with hinges such that they fold onto each other when opening the door.

If the bifold door comprises of two sets of doors, there should be a space of approximately ½ inch between the two doors upon closing them. If the bifold door is a single unit, there should be a gap of approximately ½ inch between the door and its side jamb.

One of the most prevalent problems with these doors involves misalignment. Misalignment results from slipped doors or loose guides or pivot pins. The problem can also result from split wood.


How Do Bifold Doors Work?

Bifold doors come with a special hardware package. Although the hardware is often specific to a certain model, you can make repairs using generic parts. Most generic parts are partially plastic and inexpensive.

A bifold door is held in place with door pivots and spring-loaded pins. The pins have brackets screwed in the floor and the side or top jamb. The bracket fitted at the bottom is typically notched to make it possible to adjust the door angle.

The guide holding the door panel in the track usually comes with a plastic wheel fitted on a pin. The pin is typically fitted in a predrilled hole.

The track is metallic and molded in place to support the guide. During installation, the top pin is retracted to fit the door into the brackets. Once done, the pin is released into the metallic track.


How to Straighten a Leaning Closet Bifold Door

If a bifold door is leaning, opening or closing it becomes difficult. Also, the guide may slide out of place as you try to force the door open. Luckily, you can easily fix this problem.

First, reset the guide into the track just in case it has slipped out of place. Then shut the door. Assess the space between the track and the door. In case the size of the gap is not similar at the bottom and the top, then you need to realign the pivot at the bottom.

To align the door, lift it and shift the bottom pivot pin from its existing notch to another notch. In case the bracket doesn’t have notches, you’ll need to remove the door.

Next, detach the door bracket and relocate the pin to another position. Alternatively, loosen the screw that holds the pivot onto the track. Then slide the bracket in place.


Fixing Carpet Scraping Issues

A shag carpet will rub on the door from beneath, making it challenging to open or close it. One of the obvious fixes is to lift the door a little bit. To do this, rotate the bottom pin counterclockwise.

If the pin doesn’t have threads, set the bracket holding the pin on a higher position. To do this, put shims beneath the bracket in case it’s fitted on the floor. In case the door bracket is fitted on the jamb, simply unscrew it, then screw it in place a ¼ inch higher.

In case the space between the header and the top section of the bifold door is under ½ an inch, then you won’t have sufficient space to lift the door. In this case, you may trim the door from the bottom. A trim of approximately 3/8 inch will be sufficient.

To trim the door, first, detach it. Next, lay the door on a stable workbench. Take a pencil and a straightedge. Use them to draw a straight line across the door. Use a circular type of saw to trim the wooden door along the line you’ve drawn.

You can avoid chipping the veneer on the door by applying masking tape and drawing the trim line over the masking tape. Then cut the door through the masking tape.


Fixing Cracked Wood

The materials used to make bifold closet doors are typically lightweight. Wood may crack, especially near the pivots. If this happens, the door will lean.

In this case, you can only straighten the door upon fixing the cracks. Get a sturdy C-clamp and carpenter’s glue to fix the cracks. Follow the steps below to seal the cracks:

Step 1: Remove the door. Next, detach the pivot from the door with the help of pliers or a flathead screwdriver.

Step 2: Open up the crack with a screwdriver. Use a toothpick to apply carpenter’s glue into the crack.

Step 3: Use a C-clamp to close the crack by clamping the wood. Leave the wood clamped for about 4 hours.

Step 4:  Use a hammer to tap the pivot back in place. Attach the door back into the brackets.

Step 5: In case the pivot pin is loose or damaged, get a new replacement.


Aluminium Bifold Doors in Sydney

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