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Top 6 Ideas for a Perfect Office Renovation Design

You can renovate your office in Sydney and turn it from a dull space to an impressive and inspiring space for your clients and employees.

When renovating your workspace, you’ll find it important knowing that the effort, time, and money invested will make the space motivating and inspiring to existing and prospective clients and employees.

Here are six design tips and ideas to assist you in creating a great office space.

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Tip #1: Create Breakout Spaces

Breakout spaces are very important in modern office spaces. They provide an alternative area where employees can work effectively away from their regular workspace.

Breakout spaces assist in increasing employee productivity and boosting employee morale by introducing variety to the workplace.

These paces are also ideal for injective some fun and creativity into the office design. Thus, these spaces need to be less formal to enhance creativity. As such, they should feel and look different from the main workspace environment.

Creating breakout spaces is an opportunity for bringing bright and colorful fabrics and comfortable furniture to the office to facilitate collaboration and conversation.


Tip #2: Collaborative Workspaces

In case you want an open type of office design, then you should maximize on collaborative working. You can do this by establishing an office space that encourages teamwork.

Encouraging collaboration, for instance, can involve adding benches where employees work from rather than using individual cubicles and desks.

Combined with using tablets and laptops, benching allows for more flexibility such that employees can move around easily as they collaborate with their colleagues while working on their respective tasks.

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Tip #3: Private Workspaces

While open office designs are ideal for modern offices and great for enhancing communication and collaboration between employees, they may have a negative impact on productivity.

Open offices often lead to high noise levels, thereby making employees fail to concentrate on their work. The end result is reduced productivity.

You can add some private workspaces to the main open plan workspace. Adding closed workspaces will ensure employees can have in-depth and extended conversations regarding their tasks.

They will work without disturbances from those around them. Private workspaces also allow for personal conversations and a space for conducting interviews.


Tip #4: Add Quality Chairs and Desks

On average, employees spend 40 hours every week in their respective offices. Most of these hours are spent at the desk. Thus, it’s essential to invest in high-quality furniture to enhance the comfort of your employees as they work.

Go for adjustable chairs to ensure each and every employee will find them comfortable, thereby minimizing general pains, aches, and back problems.

Also, consider investing in adjustable desks such that each employee will set their most comfortable height. Comfortable office chairs and desks promote wellness and health while working.

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Tip #5: Maximize Natural Lighting

Natural light offers many health benefits. Research shows that employees who work in offices that have windows receive 173 percent more natural lighting.

Open office designs are great for maximizing on natural lighting throughout the workspace since there’re fewer walls and cubicles that block natural light.

In case you have some private office spaces, consider using translucent or transparent walls. For instance, glass dividers will allow natural lighting to enter the space.


Tip #6: Add Some Colour in Your Office

You can revamp your entire workspace when doing a renovation. If the office space has been uninspiring for many years, it’s now time to add energy and colour into your workspace.

While most companies traditionally use neutral colour palettes to decorate office spaces, today, more companies are preferring adding some personality in their offices and extending their branding by being more colourful.


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