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Office Glass Partitions Second Hand

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Second Hand Office Partitions Sydney

If you have an office building there is a good chance you will need office partitions to divide up the space in Sydney. There are many sellers that will sell second-hand office partitions.

You can buy one used partition or you can buy in bulk. If you buy in bulk you can save a great deal of money.

office glass partitions second hand sydney


Thickness of Glass Partitions

If you are looking to purchase a glass partition or have a glass wall installed they you are going to need to comply with the Australian Standards AS 1288_2006.

This standard is very strict when dealing with glass. It is important because people will come in contract with this material and it needs to be strong.

People tend to bump into things and accidents do happen even in the office. The glass used for office partitions should be laminated glass.

This way it someone was to bump into it, the glass is less likely to break and will not severely cut someone.

The glass that is being used also has to be the proper thickness. While their maximum thickness level can vary based on the piece of glass there are some minimum requirements.

The needs to be at least 6.28mm in thickness which is rather thick. It can also range up to 12.38 in thickness or even thicker. If the glass is too thin it becomes a safety hazard.

Glass partitions need to be 8/10/12 in toughness and laminated glass has the option to swing or to slide open. Full height partitions, as well as half height partitions, are used for both commercial and residential purposes.

Transparent and opaque glass can be made by the process of sandblasting as well as acid etching or 3M stickering.

Patching fitting is glass that is frameless and is very office. It is great for the interior of an office and has glazed doors as well as fixed glass.

Fabricated glass comes in different thicknesses. It can come in 4mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, 15mm, and even 19mm. the class can be clear or come in extra clear.

It can be colour tinted as well. Popular tints include blue, brown, and different shades of grey. Laminated glass comes in various thicknesses as well. Milky white glass and painted glass are very tough.

The use of glass partitions in the office will look great. There are services that will help you find the right design for both interior and exterior uses.

All of the joints as well as the corners on the glass have a silicon sealant and come in colors including white, black, and clear.

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